According to a new survey conducted by Brazen and Talent Board, ghosting is the top recruiting problem among talent acquisition teams. With so many challenges in today’s recruiting market, it is tough to know where you should be investing your time and budget – and with candidates ghosting, mindlessly chasing a very uninterested candidate can be that huge time waster.

Ghosting was named the top challenge by 40% of Brazen/Talent Board’s respondents, along with other issues noted like engaging passive talent and attracting a diverse candidate base. So, to prevent candidate ghosting, you need to have the best engagement solutions in place, ensure you have the right expectations set, and utilize the correct HR tech to track candidate progress.

Attraction and Engagement Tools

There are specific attraction and engagement activities that both recruiters and candidates say are driving the best results when it comes to the hiring lifecycle. There are many recruitment marketing tools that manage recruiter communications – touching base with candidates related to your opening that you are trying to fill. But why stop there? Send candidates a quick reminder to follow your company on social media, check out a recent defense contract win, or read the latest blog your marketing team has published.

Engaging with candidates to increase your brand only makes your company more relatable, and breaks up the hard sell conversations you have with them.


Laura Ribadeneira, Director, HR Research & Advisory Services at McLean & Company says that “redefining what makes a ‘quality’ candidate is crucial to finding stronger, more diverse talent pools.” One of the reasons a candidate might ghost their recruiter is lack of relating to the position they are discussing. An interested and passionate candidate rarely ghosts for a position or company they are motivated to join, so perhaps redefining the requirements to better reach the right talent pool is needed.

Recruiting Tech

There are all types of technology out there. But there is a difference between just another tool and top tech to use to attract and engage candidates. Recruiters need a one stop shop to manage pipelines (and keep them engaged), source new candidates, and oversee communications with their growing list of prospects. ClearanceJobs is a natural choice that does all of these things, but another CRM tool, like Avature, handles candidate relationships by helping organizations to define their brand – which helps to prevent candidates forgetting about you. Tools like this nurture candidate connections by combining sourcing and online marketing so engaging essential cleared talent ahead of demand can be done easily and at scale.

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