Last year ushered in major progress in the government’s Trusted Workforce 2.0 overhaul. From Continuous Vetting to updated Federal Investigative Standards, major muscle movements in updating the government’s more than seventy-year-old personnel security program continue to take place. But while the method of vetting cleared candidates improves, the marketplace for cleared talent continues to tighten. 2023 is poised to be an even more difficult year in cleared recruiting, even as aspects of the security clearance program improve. And it’s also positioned to be the most significant year yet in updating the policies around personnel vetting and clearance reform.

Download the State of the Security Clearance Process 1H 2023

There are many moving parts in personnel vetting today. They include the roles of the Security Executive Agent at the Office of the Director of Intelligence (ODNI), the Suitability Executive Agent at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), congress, and other stakeholders. As reform continues to move forward, each of these elements will need to continue working in tandem to ensure both the security clearance process and employee onboarding process create qualified, competent pipelines.

Information, awareness, and advocacy are key to helping to build trust within – and outside of– the cleared community. The 1H 2023 State of the Security Clearance Process again provides actionable insights into the state of the security clearance process today. From clearance processing times, to denials and revocations, and clearance hot topics, consider it the news
you can use as you look to build and expand the cleared community – across your company, organization, or agency.

Employers and agencies don’t have the option of burying their heads in the sand and waiting for the current market dynamics to pass. Hiring is incredibly competitive, and the security clearance is just one – albeit a major – aspect of onboarding the next generation of cleared talent. Whether you’re looking to attract entry level talent and sponsor them through the clearance process or upskill talent into new national security careers, understanding the security clearance and personnel vetting process, and being aware of its changes, is important information.


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