The tech industry has grown rapidly over the past decade – and it’s not expected to slow down anytime soon despite any layoff news. The U.S. government is always looking for top talent in the industry, as cleared tech professionals play a critical role in our national defense. Here are the top five cleared tech jobs the country relies on right now.


The government needs to be up-to-date with the news, trends, and projections for all things IT to defend the country and stay competitive on a global stage. Cybersecurity analysts have an extensive background in the sector and are experts in their field. They defend networks and implement new strategies to keep up with technological advancements. 


Data scientists turn raw data into valuable and tangible information, creating improvements to machine learning and evolving artificial intelligence. They are integral to the nation’s sustainability as a world superpower in the ever-shifting digital landscape. 


A cyberattack is just that, an attack, war. When an organization gets hit with malware, a person on another screen is firing that strike. Threat hunters constantly look for potential attacks by proactively investigating, discovering and neutralizing security problems that evade automated defense systems. 


Our government must use online systems and platforms that keep up with the requirements of the digital age. Software engineers are responsible for developing and maintaining the platforms government agencies and organizations need to operate. 


With nearly everything we do recorded online and distributed virtually, the US needs a reliable and competitive digital infrastructure. Network engineers are responsible for building and maintaining the physical components of technology and the automated systems that keep the country online. 

The tech industry is constantly growing, and the country’s security and prosperity depend on virtually every field. It’s also a lucrative career path, with salaries averaging $105,273. Check out positions available in your sector on our site.

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