“Should I continue my education or enter the workforce?” That’s a question most bachelor’s degree holders ask themselves at least once. Some graduates might repeatedly ponder the idea throughout their professional careers, and clearance holders are no exception.

5 Cleared Jobs Easier to Land with a Master’s Degree

There are benefits to obtaining a graduate degree, most notably giving yourself an edge up on the competition and expanding your earning potential. But, there are some industries where getting a cleared job may be easier – and faster – with a master’s degree. 


Career advancement in biology heavily depends on your education level. Biological science requires an advanced base level of knowledge as they’re responsible for researching diseases and developing treatments. Therefore, biological scientists must hold a minimum of a master’s degree. 


There’s a reason “it’s not rocket science” is a phrase – the field is highly specialized. A graduate degree isn’t required to enter the profession, but an advanced degree helps you stand out, especially in research and development.


A Forbes study once positioned Biomedical Engineering as the top graduate degree option, with graduates specializing in systems and devices that improve human health. They design medical equipment and invent new ways technology can integrate with the human body. 


Earning a master’s degree in environmental engineering is a fulfilling career with a salary to match. Environmental Program Managers incorporate the traditional elements of engineering with biology, developing solutions to environmental problems.


Earning a master’s degree in marketing, journalism, or communications will fast-track your application to positions dealing with strategic communication. These men and women are responsible for writing speeches, holding briefings, and being an organization’s point of contact.

Compensation with a Master’s Degree

According to the 2022 Security Clearance Compensation Report, the average compensation for people with master’s degrees was $121,962. That’s nearly a $20,000 salary increase over those with bachelor’s degrees. So whether you dive deeper into your current field or study something new, you can expect to earn more with an advanced degree. 

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