The recent rise in ChatGPT’s notoriety represents a new phase in human evolution. The scientific breakthrough is adding to a growing global shift in perspective as we look toward a new, more digital, equitable and sustainable world. The past few years have also included numerous extreme weather events, a pandemic, protests, and war. 

3 Jobs That Need a STEM Degree

With all the twists and turns, misinformation, and news events-turned-memes (here’s looking at you, Chinese weather balloon), we look to the vast field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to help us make sense of the evolving global landscape. Government agencies and contracts continuously seek top talent to keep the citizens of our country safe and ensure our world-superpower status.

1. Data Architect

The world-wide-web is just that: a world. An entire sphere of life, flowing between pathways to connect us all. Data architects are the builders of our online life, gathering and translating data into programs and protocols, streamlining information to improve an organization and user experience. While IT degrees are common in the field, virtually any STEM degree applies to the work.

2. Environmental Scientist

As climate change’s effects increase, so does the demand for environmental scientists. These earth-conscious people use their degrees in the natural sciences to develop sustainable solutions for the future and methods to help improve the present environment. They work for government agencies and private businesses, utilizing their expertise to advise leaders on environmental matters.

3. Science, Technology, and Weapons Analyst

While the concept of war has remained the same, the way countries carry out attacks has changed drastically over the last 20 years. 21st-century weapons are highly advanced; analysts use their research skills and science degrees to help the US keep up with advancements and remain aware of potential threats from adversaries.

Whatever your career path, the national security industry will always need people with STEM degrees – those using them for the digital world and those defending and protecting the physical one. For all the latest cleared job postings, visit us online at

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