The National Guard is a bit different from the other military branches. Serving just two weekends a month and two weeks a year instead of committing to full-time engagement, Guard members serve in a variety of roles throughout our country and beyond. How well do you know this unique branch of the United States military? Take our quiz to find out!


National Guard Plays a Vital Role in National Security

State governors can call on the National Guard to respond to state emergencies such as natural disasters and civil unrest. But members of the Guard can also provide security for presidential inaugurations, ensure the security of elections, assist with border security, be deployed overseas to support military missions, and more.

The president has the ability to call out the National Guard for national emergencies, and can also take over the National Guard operations in a state. If the president does take over the guard, the federal government has to foot the bill. If the state government called out the guard, the cost is usually paid from state coffers.

The National Guard has seen a lot of action over the past few years. During 2020, record numbers of guard members were deployed in response to the Covid pandemic and civil unrest. Members performed functions like helping with COVID testing and even substitute teaching when many teachers were out sick. In fact, nearly 120,000 National Guardsmen were actively deployed in June 2020 alone.

National Guard Around the World

As of January 2023, 22,000 National Guardsmen were deployed overseas, training with our allies and supporting other global operations. Our Guardsmen are much more than part-time soldiers; they’re an integral part of the United State’s military operations both at home and abroad.

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