“I’ve seen regions of space that have fallen into lawlessness

The Weak are objects

The Rapists are kings

The Poor, the poor are slaves

Life is nothing but emptiness and pain” -Bel Riose

These words were spoken on the Apple TV show Foundation by a senior and battle hardened general of the empire. He was trying to explain to his partner why he wanted to keep the empire from entering a new war. For those who have observed or felt the horrors in Afghanistan since August 2021, these words ring eerily true.

The people of Afghanistan live under the brutal rule of an internationally illegal regime that has no legitimacy from the population. The terrorists rule through intimidation, daily restrictive edicts, rape, torture, and murder. The women and girls of Afghanistan are now prisoners who are restricted to their homes unless shadowed by an appropriate male relative and dressed in accordance with the un-Islamic rules of the Taliban and Haqqani regime.

So what just happened?

The people of Afghanistan, the refugees from the terrorist takeover, and their allies around the globe were shocked on September 6 to see an American delegation sitting down publicly in Kabul with the terrorist regime. They were further shocked and confused when the leader of the delegation Jeffrey Greico said that the U.S. State Department authorized his mission. Finally, observers were left in disbelief when the American president of the Afghan-American Chamber of commerce called the Taliban by the name “Emirate Government.”

This is a complete departure from current U.S. government positions on the Taliban regime. The U.S. last agreement (Doha) with the Taliban specifically states that the U.S. does not recognize any Islamic Emirate, and that they refer to the terrorists as the Taliban. To date the UN and U.S. have not made any decisions to recognize the Taliban regime as a legal government.

Beyond the outright distortions of U.S. positions towards the terror regime, the delegation members also joined in the chorus of Taliban and Haqqani whitewashing that has previously occurred by visiting delegations, seeking to set up valuable and lucrative economic contracts with terror regime. Delegation members referred to the Taliban (a regime made up of wanted U.S. designated terrorists) establishing peace in Afghanistan; said the Taliban had “greatly eliminated” corruption; and stated that unlike the former UN-supported Republic—the Taliban understood market-based economics. One delegate starting spewing Taliban propaganda by saying that he saw a country where people are safe, kids are in school, women are happy, and the place is clean.

This delegation landed in Kabul just as the international community and Afghan women were making positive movement to designate the Taliban and Haqqani regime a gender apartheid system, the UN reported that the terror regime methamphetamine trafficking is booming, and Pakistan is under attack from Pakistani-Taliban terrorists that are aligned with the terror regime and based in Afghanistan.

The U.S. government should quickly restate their position on the terrorist regime and human rights in Afghanistan. The economic delegation just threw a life preserver to a drowning terror regime and lowered the morale of all Afghans that seek their full and lawfully protected human rights. The terror regime will abuse any economic relationships made in Afghanistan and skim and steal from any Afghan that is not a Taliban or Haqqani member or supporter, just as they have done with millions of dollars in humanitarian aid since 2021.

If this delegation violated U.S. foreign policy, they must be corrected and all State Department support for their financially motivated endeavors removed. It is no secret that the beneficiaries of any economic connectivity condoned by the terrorist regime will be those based outside the country and the terror regime, while the Afghan people will continue to eke out a living on the scraps the Taliban allow them to gather. The goal of human rights supporting nations should be to weaken the terror regime, restore human rights, and work around the Taliban and Haqqani network, not with them. Greed seems to have driven a very immoral if not illegal activity.


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Jason spent 23 years in USG service conducting defense, diplomacy, intelligence, and education missions globally. Now he teaches, writes, podcasts, and speaks publicly about Islam, foreign affairs, and national security. He is a member of the Military Writers Guild and aids with conflict resolution in Afghanistan.