Imagine you get a notification that $800 was transferred out of your account from an “authorized user” when you’re the only one with access. Phishing attacks, online scams, and cyber criminals in general, are becoming more commonplace but also are finessing their sophistication in the ways they attack.

BuddoBot is a veteran and minority-owned business, that specializes in authentic offensive cybersecurity. They believe that by emulating real-world attacks continuously, they go beyond traditional automated scanning and compliance. Luke Secrist, CEO of BuddoBot and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, joins the podcast to talk all things cybersecurity for anyone looking to strengthen their cyber efforts.

What Marine Corps nickname does Luke prefer? Devil Dog, Leatherneck, and he’s not opposed to jarhead.

Journey from the Marine Corps to CEO: Luke hasn’t always been a CEO so we discuss the stepping stones in between on his Journey from USMC to working in the federal space. He started out as a radio operator and was activated from the reserves, really finding his passion for cybersecurity while working at Quantico.

The psychology of a cybercriminal

Luke shares his insights into the psychology of cybercriminals and the role of advanced social engineering. While both professional hackers and criminal hackers share the same skillsets, one is trying to prevent problems while the latter is hoping to cause them.

Cybercrime is a growing problem in our increasingly digital world. As more and more personal and financial information is stored online, cybercriminals have found new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and steal from unsuspecting victims. But what motivates these individuals to engage in criminal behavior online?

  • A lack of empathy. Cybercriminals may view their victims as faceless entities rather than real people with feelings and emotions. This allows them to justify their actions and avoid feelings of guilt or remorse.
  • A desire for power and control. Cybercriminals may feel a sense of satisfaction from being able to manipulate technology and deceive others. This can be particularly appealing for individuals who may feel powerless in other aspects of their lives.
  • Financial or political The potential for large sums of money can be a strong incentive for engaging in illegal activity online. This may be particularly true for individuals who lack other sources of income or who are struggling financially.

The holiday season is behind us, but this is an evergreen issue. Our focus, especially when things are getting more expensive, shifts to finding the best deals. But there’s a crucial aspect of this that many overlook: cybersecurity. People already shop online a ton, and that’s likely here to stay, and with more credit card transactions comes the risk of potential unauthorized activities and cyber fraud. For example, sites like Temu was the most downloaded of 2023, but many still wonder if the mysterious e-commerce site is safe to use.

From tagging photos of specific family members on Instagram or Facebook, to updating our statuses with every job promotion on LinkedIn (including locations), we put a lot of data online for people with bad intentions to take advantage of. All this data is making it easier for attackers to specifically target consumers with emails and texts that they KNOW they will respond to.

Stay safe, stay vigilant, and maintain your cyber hygiene.

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