National security requires the right people to combat the evolving threats we face today. While fields like cybersecurity, intelligence, and aerospace require specific knowledge and training to build careers, soft skills transcend job title and leave a big impact. So, whether you’re serving the mission from the land, air, sea, or cyber waves, here are the top five soft skills needed to help solve the world’s toughest problems. 


Cleared professionals must quickly adjust tactics, strategies, and even perspectives to effectively counter emerging challenges. Those who can swiftly pivot and embrace change help us stay ahead of adversaries. 


Creativity breeds innovation. Those with creative minds bring fresh perspectives to problem-solving, conjuring unconventional solutions to complex issues. Whether it’s developing novel technologies or crafting diplomatic approaches, creativity is a cornerstone of success in safeguarding the nation.  

Emotional Intelligence  

Understanding and managing emotions is vital in a high-stakes environment like national security. With the ability to navigate interpersonal dynamics adeptly, emotionally intelligent people foster trust and collaboration within teams, and aid in de-escalating tense situations. 

Analytical Thinking 

The ability to dissect data, identify patterns, and derive actionable insights is crucial to national security. Analytical thinkers strengthen intelligence gathering, threat assessment, and strategic planning efforts. 

Calm Under Pressure 

Maintaining composure amidst chaos is a non-negotiable trait for cleared workers. Those who remain calm under pressure exhibit clear-headedness, sound judgment, and resilience in crisis situations. Their ability to think and act decisively under duress is instrumental in safeguarding lives and assets. 

While every role contributing to the nation’s security has its specifications and requirements, the success of the mission depends on more than just job function. Cleared workers with the ability to remain adaptable while remaining calm in the face of intense pressure are needed now more than ever. To keep up to date with the latest security and defense news, visit ClearanceJobs.  

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Phoebe Wells is the Public Relations & Partnerships Marketing Manager at ClearanceJobs and loves every aspect of her role. Creating content and working with the CJ team to connect cleared candidates with employers is incredibly rewarding, as the work ClearanceJobs does ultimately supports the mission of the U.S. As the daughter of a veteran and former cleared worker, she knows the sacrifices security and defense professionals make. She is honored to assist them in leveling up their careers. Plus, she gets to work from home in the Adirondack Mountains with her partner and two huskies!