Who in the realm of superheroes do you think is the most trustworthy? Or the least trustworthy)?  Who do you think could get the highest security clearance? 

In my brain, it is a toss-up between Batman and Superman. Batman, mainly because he is wealthy beyond belief, the world’s greatest detective, and many other reasons. But on the other side of that discussion, he is a poster boy for insider threats and red flags in his background check.

5 Reasons Why Superman Is the Best Security Clearance Option

However, it is my opinion (as much as I dislike our boy in blue) that Superman is arguably the superhero with the best security clearance, particularly when considering his position within the Justice League and his relationships with various governments and organizations. 

1. Symbol of Trust and Integrity

Superman is widely considered a symbol of truth, justice, and the American way. His reputation for integrity and moral uprightness means he is trusted by governments and organizations globally, granting him high levels of security clearance.

2. Relationships with Global Leaders

Superman’s status and actions have earned him the trust and respect of world leaders (and not our adversaries). His diplomatic relationships, including those with high-ranking officials in the DC universe and organizations like the United Nations, give him access to sensitive information and clearance levels often reserved for top government officials.

3. Justice League Access

As a founding member and often leader of the Justice League, Superman has access to some of the most secure and classified information in the world. The Justice League operates with the highest security protocols, and its members, especially Superman, are trusted with critical secrets and strategic plans. Do you hear that S.H.I.E.L.D.?

4. Partnership with Batman

Superman’s close partnership with Batman, known for his extensive intelligence networks and strategic foresight, provides Superman with additional layers of security clearance. Batman’s trust in Superman allows him access to sensitive data and technology. My only question is if that relationship is a ‘respectful’ two-way street. It seems nearly impossible to trust Batman.

5. Kryptonian Technology and Intelligence

Superman’s heritage provides him access to advanced Kryptonian technology and intelligence, which includes knowledge far beyond human capabilities. This technological superiority often necessitates and ensures high-security clearance to protect such advanced information. In this regard, he writes his own security clearance with a few caveats.

Obviously, this is a discussion on a fictional character, and Superman, aka Clark Kent, could (should?) never get a security clearance. I mean… does he even have a birth certificate? He was found in a cornfield for crying out loud. But I digress. If Superman was given a clearance, it would surely be given out of respect. The guy can hear EVERYTHING!

But don’t get it twisted, having super hearing will not grant you an immediate hearing. Superman is America’s boy scout and has proven time and time again that he will guard the American way of life, no matter where he is from, and I am sure he would pass a polygraph to prove that.

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