The West is filled with trailblazers and visionaries. While housing prices may induce sticker shock, cleared compensation keeps up with other high-cost regions. From Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Base to the Utah Test and Training Range, the West boasts a range of military facilities and defense contractors, driving thousands of jobs and billions in annual spending.

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Competitive Compensation: A Growing Trend  

Cleared candidates in the West enjoy various job options and competitive compensation. According to the 2024 Security Clearance Compensation Report, the average total compensation in the region is $116,820, an 8% increase from the prior year, reflecting the growing demand and value of cleared professionals in the region.  

Leveraging Clearance Levels for Higher Pay  

Many service members transition to civilian roles in the West, with 56% of the cleared workforce being veterans. An impressive 86% of respondents hold DoD clearances, benefiting from higher-than-average salaries at each clearance level. A jump from Secret to Top Secret clearance can result in a pay raise of $20,000 to $30,000.  

Experience and Education: Pathways to Success  

Entry-level professionals earn an average of $75,017, while mid-career employees quickly rise to over $100,000. Education also plays a crucial role, with 63% of cleared professionals holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. Graduate degrees can add over $20,000 in compensation, especially in high-demand fields like data science, engineering, and software development.  

Top-Tier Salaries: The Highest Paying Jobs  

Tech professionals including IT and engineering experts top the list of highest-paying jobs. Aerospace is also prominent, especially with the Space Force establishing bases throughout the West.  

The West offers competitive salaries along with professional and personal fulfillment. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore diverse landscapes, while vibrant cities like Seattle and Los Angeles offer endless entertainment. The West balances career growth with ample opportunities for recreation and adventure, making it an ideal place for cleared candidates.

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