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Sextortion Scam Run by Inmates Nets $560,000 from U.S. Service Members

Christopher Burgess / Nov 29, 2018

Over 400 U.S. service members using an online dating app were targeted by South Carolina prisoners in a “sextortion” scam using cell phones from within prison to engage their targets.

DOJ Forms Working Group to Combat China’s Corporate Espionage

Christopher Burgess / Nov 28, 2018

DOJ established a working group to draw in federal, state, local law enforcement, federal agencies, and targeted companies to combat China’s economic espionage.

Russian Espionage Invests Long-term to Maximize Gains

Christopher Burgess / Nov 22, 2018

Russia intelligence services the SVR and its predecessor KGB, and the GRU target, access, develop, and recruit their sources for the long term – who are they targeting now?

Aerospace Sector Attacked by Chinese Intelligence, 10 Chinese Officers Indicted

Christopher Burgess / Nov 6, 2018

The U.S. aerospace sector is squarely in the crosshairs of China’s intelligence organizations, supported by China’s state-owned enterprises and key state laboratories.

Insider Threat Program Maturity Framework Released

Christopher Burgess / Nov 5, 2018

The National Insider Threat Task Force has issued their maturity model framework which contains six areas of interest and measurement.