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Chinese Espionage at the State Department

Christopher Burgess / Apr 26, 2017

The FBI arrested a 60-year old Office Management Specialist, citing unreported foreign national contacts and obstructing an investigation.

Why Security Clearance Holders are Required to Report Contact with Foreign Nationals

Christopher Burgess / Apr 19, 2017

Russian intelligence methodologies include providing their target with lavish gifts. So if your security officer asks where that Rolex came from, you’d best have a good answer.

What is Foreign Investment Control or Influence (FOCI)?

Christopher Burgess / Apr 10, 2017

Foreign Ownership Control or Influence (FOCI) is always an issue FSO’s must address. Will China’s buying into the US aviation industry threaten the US?

W2 Scam Targets Defense Contractors

Christopher Burgess / Apr 5, 2017

No target would seem more ripe for the W2 scam than the tightly knit defense contractor community.

Can Ivanka Trump Get a Security Clearance? Of Course She Can.

Christopher Burgess / Mar 22, 2017

Ivanka comes to Washington DC. She is given a desk in the White House, who has determined she needs a security clearance.