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NRO Contractor Published Classified Information to Facebook; Stole $340,000 in Government Equipment

Christopher Burgess / Mar 18, 2018

The FBI was issued a search warrant on March 7, 2018 to search the residence of John Glenn Weed a former NRO contractor to recover classified materials.

White House Walks President’s Assistant Out the Door

Christopher Burgess / Mar 15, 2018

John McEntee, President Trump’s body man, was walked out of the White House this week after his interim clearance was revoked.

NSA Security Clearances – Work for the Intel Community’s SIGINT Experts

Christopher Burgess / Mar 14, 2018

The NSA wants to trust you, truly. First they will conduct their background investigation and administer a polygraph before declaring you trustworthy.

Intelligence Community Job Requirements: No, They Don’t Just Trust You

Christopher Burgess / Mar 7, 2018

The world of financial disclosures and polygraphs throughout the Intelligence Community comes courtesy of Ames and Hanssen.

Explainer: Jared Kushner and His Security Clearance

Christopher Burgess / Mar 5, 2018

Jared Kushner’s national security clearance remains in progress. Is his life too complicated to be trusted with the nation’s secrets? Time will tell.