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China Steals U.S. Submarine Information

Christopher Burgess / Jun 12, 2018

China launched a cyber espionage attack against a U.S. defense contractor and stole gigabytes of sensitive data.

Senate Staffer Shares Classified Information with the Press in a Straight Out of Hollywood Story

Christopher Burgess / Jun 10, 2018

James A. Wolfe shared classified information with the press. The FBI used old-school interview techniques in their investigation to uncover the leaker.

China Targets Defense Contractors in Its Ramped Up Spy Games

Christopher Burgess / Jun 5, 2018

Yet another counterintelligence success from the FBI – the arrest of Ron Rockwell Hansen, defense contractor and former Defense Intelligence Agency officer for espionage on behalf of China.

Latest LinkedIn Espionage Target Reminds of the Importance of Caution When Considering Shared Connections

Christopher Burgess / May 30, 2018

Kevin Patrick Mallory may have juiced his LinkedIn connections to make himself appear more attractive to his PRC intelligence officers.

Security Clearance Granted to Jared Kushner

Christopher Burgess / May 23, 2018

White House Special Advisor to the President, Jared Kushner was granted a security clearance, following 15 months of speculation from all quarters.