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STEM, Scully and Star Trek: How Art Inspires Science

ClearanceJobs / Nov 14, 2018

Don’t hide your inner-nerd. If he or she inspires you, embrace your sci-fi muse and dive into some science.

My Security Clearance Periodic Reinvestigation Nightmare

ClearanceJobs / Nov 13, 2018

A periodic reinvestigation process should be quick and effortless, assuming you haven’t experienced any major changes in the past five years. In this case, it wasn’t.

My Government Clearance Experience

ClearanceJobs / Nov 12, 2018

If you are looking into getting a government clearance, whether it’s Top Secret (TS) or Secret (S), it can be an overwhelming experience.

Career Reflections and Advice for Women Joining the Cybersecurity Field

ClearanceJobs / Oct 17, 2018

Four questions with Booz Allen CISO Rebecca McHale – her career in cybersecurity and how others can be successful, too.

What Does the CIA Have to Do with Space? You Might Be Surprised.

ClearanceJobs / Oct 9, 2018

The CIA does more than gather intelligence on the ground – they’re also in places no human can reach.