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The Secret to Modern Software Development in Government

ClearanceJobs / Sep 12, 2018

Is it advanced technology? Or does the key lie in modern methods? How important is organizational and team culture? Booz Allen Hamilton shows the importance of a holistic approach to technology, methods, and culture.

Booz Allen Dispels 5 Myths of Adopting DevSecOps in Government Agencies

ClearanceJobs / Aug 30, 2018

DevSecOps is the true realization of Agile principles to integrate quality, security, and repeatability throughout the iterative software development and delivery process. Yet some government organizations have preconceived notions about DevSecOps. We break down those assumptions and get to the truth about DevSecOps.

Meet Techies Who Chose Government Service Instead of Silicon Valley

ClearanceJobs / Aug 8, 2018

Startups in the West may have once been the only option for forward-thinking tech talent, but not anymore. Meet three people who chose to put their talent to work in service to their government, over Silicon Valley.

Intrapreneurship: Startup Mentality; Large Company Resources

ClearanceJobs / Jul 23, 2018

Intrapreneurship is the emerging term to refer to the phenomenon of individuals working within a large organization as entrepreneurial change agents.

What Does the CIA Have to Do with Space? You Might Be Surprised.

ClearanceJobs / Jun 25, 2018

The CIA does more than gather intelligence on the ground – they’re also in places no human can reach.