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Why Espionage Heats Up in the Summer

Ed Ledford / Jun 7, 2017

The information you have in your possession, on your computer, in your head might not be classified Top Secret—SCI, but it could be the next step on a path to espionage more complex that you could ever imagine.

Three Life Lessons from Commencement Season

Ed Ledford / Jun 6, 2017

There’s a common thread to the life lessons give in many commencement addresses. Here are a few of the key takeaways.

What Blowing the Whistle Is – and Isn’t

Ed Ledford / Jun 5, 2017

Blowing the whistle—and protections from retaliation in the aftermath—is no black and white matter.

General “Wild Bill” Donovan and the Birth of American Intelligence

Ed Ledford / Jun 2, 2017

Here are some remarkable highlights of the life of Gen. William J. Donovan, the Patron Saint of the CIA.

Lessons in Learning and Life from Artificial Intelligence

Ed Ledford / Jun 1, 2017

The robot is completing the task, achieving the objective, but in her own way. She’s being successful just being her robot self.