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NASA Gets Jobs-Producing Budget Boost

Ed Ledford / Mar 23, 2017

And public-private partnerships are the future of the contractor-friendly space agency.   

70 Percent of Workers Don’t Care About Their Jobs

Ed Ledford / Mar 22, 2017

Most of us have been coached or coached, or both. Most of us, then, may very well embrace a culture of purpose and leadership that builds talent instead of trying to fix problems.

Russian Meddling is Nothing New, Argue Scholars

Ed Ledford / Mar 21, 2017

Whatever it is the Russians are up to, if you want to engage in an intelligent discussion about it, then you’ve first got to read, at least, both The Russian Way of War and The Kremlin Playbook.    

The Kremlin Playbook and Russia’s New Generation Warfare Doctrine

Ed Ledford / Mar 21, 2017

The insidious nature of this new brand of warfare makes it all the more difficult to believe in, and to stop.   

Is Too Much Social Media Actually Hurting Your Career?

Ed Ledford / Mar 20, 2017

When it comes to professionalism, to establishing a personal brand that means something, especially in the world of cleared professionals, there’s about one way to get it. Work. Hard, thoughtful work.