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Germany Stands Up Its Cyber Space Command

Ed Ledford / Apr 27, 2017

In early April the Bundeswehr followed in France and the United States’ footsteps and established its Cyber and Information Space Command (CIR).

3 Ways Leaders Can Address Insider Threats

Ed Ledford / Apr 26, 2017

In the final analysis, most all of INSA’s recommendations are about good leadership. About leadership that’s engaged and that genuinely cares about the success of the organization and the people behind organizational success.    

The Making of a Spy: Why Threats Aren’t Born, They’re Made

Ed Ledford / Apr 25, 2017

What turns John the coworker into John the insider threat? Spies generally aren’t born, they’re made. Here’s what to look for.

How to Identify and Address Insider Threats

Ed Ledford / Apr 24, 2017

Preventing insider threats is both good business, and a government requirement. And like many threats, the warning signs are clear if you stop to look for them.   

Understanding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

Ed Ledford / Apr 20, 2017

FISA sunsets at the end of the year. Now’s a good time for cleared professionals to brush-up on the details.