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Mission-Critical Occupations in Government – Where There’s High Satisfaction in Hot Jobs

Ed Ledford / Feb 17, 2017

Employee engagement’s getting better among the government’s mission-critical occupations – auditors, contract or acquisition specialists, economists, human resources specialists, and information technology specialists.     

What Makes a Great Government Workplace

Ed Ledford / Feb 16, 2017

Leadership matters. More than anything else.    

Where Government Employees Want to Work

Ed Ledford / Feb 15, 2017

With the President’s new cabinet secretaries coming online, the 2016 ‘Best Places to Work’ report is a benchmark. The 2017 report a year from now will inarguably be a report card on leadership.    

Aerospace Contracting and the New Race to the Moon

Ed Ledford / Feb 14, 2017

Today’s aerospace contracting challenge is not about the moon. It’s about how quickly and efficiently you can get there. And in the 21st century, the private-sector in United States should be able to do that pretty quickly.

Employee Training and Organizational Success

Ed Ledford / Feb 13, 2017

Fail to train your people on the organizational values, processes, techniques, standards, priorities, and more, and organizational failure is just a matter of time.