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The White House Report on Artificial Intelligence & Its Future

Ed Ledford / Oct 27, 2016

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is good. That’s how the report begins. AI could very well solve huge national and global problems related to natural resource production and consumption and health and hunger issues. But then there’s this thing. . . .

My Short, Happy Life as a Long-Distance Commuter

Ed Ledford / Oct 26, 2016

If you find that dream job three hundred miles away and can’t bring the family, what do you do?

Inside the Mystery of the CIA’s Art Collection

Ed Ledford / Oct 25, 2016

The next time you see some Jackson Pollock painting plastered on the wall, pause and exercise your intelligence analysis skills . Maybe, just maybe, you’ll crack the code that defeats ISIS.

INSA President Chuck Alsup on Transforming the Clearance Process System

Ed Ledford / Oct 24, 2016

Security breaches are nothing new. And one intelligence community organization is calling out just why that’s such a big problem.

Security Clearance Investigation Gaps Trouble Congress

Ed Ledford / Oct 21, 2016

Senator John Tester’s frustrated letter to the NSA Director could be the beginning of Rogers’ end.