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Are You a GOAT or an Elephant? A Better Method for Military Transition

Jay Hicks / Sep 13, 2018

How do you make the leap from the military into the corporate world? There are so many things to be accomplished. You need some organizational tools and a personal strategic road map for your travels.

Want to Make More Money? Earn Your Project Management Certification

Jay Hicks / Sep 12, 2018

When you do the math, you could spend upwards of $3,500 or more to get your PMP® certification. But your return on investment is staggering and will last a lifetime. 

4 Reasons to Start Volunteering at Work

Jay Hicks / Aug 20, 2018

Volunteering is a great way to continue your professional development. Here are a few reasons why you should consider volunteering or accepting a new challenge at work.

The 5 Ws of a Successful Military Transition

Jay Hicks / Aug 14, 2018

Answering the 5 Ws before you separate from service is a critical part of your military transition. Here’s where to start and how to get there. 

Purple Heart Day Celebrated – Setting Aside Time for Remembrance

Jay Hicks / Aug 9, 2018

In the 1780s, the final years of the long 8-year Revolutionary War, George Washington recognized that soldiers were performing extraordinary meritorious service to the war effort with no formal means of recognition.