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Four Traits to Look for in a Career Mentor

Jay Hicks / Jul 26, 2017

To find a great mentor will take work and effort on your part.  However, the payoff is priceless.  

A General Patton Approach to Agile Management

Jay Hicks / Jul 12, 2017

Agile practitioners provide value by listening to the voice of the customer and quickly delivering high value solutions.  Patton was a genius at this.

Military IT Skills In Demand

Jay Hicks / Jun 22, 2017

You keep hearing about the demand for IT talent, but did you know your military career leaves you with skills critical to an IT career.

A Military Change vs. a Military Transition – What’s the Difference?

Jay Hicks / Jun 13, 2017

As a service member, your life was full of change. A military transition is something even bigger. Here’s how to prepare for it.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Post-Military Job Interview

Jay Hicks / Jun 5, 2017

Learn how parade rest could ruin your interview – and your chances of landing a job.