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11 Steps to Handle an Unexpected Job Loss

Jay Hicks / Mar 6, 2018

If you get laid off, it is time to harden your financial security posture. To make your survival easier, here some immediate actions in ABC order

The Benefits of Getting a Temporary Job After Your Military Transition

Jay Hicks / Feb 5, 2018

How do you get civilian job experience after leaving the military? Temporary jobs may be the answer.

Are You Eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation?  A Success Story

Jay Hicks / Jan 24, 2018

Military veterans who sustained disabilities while in the line of duty and are qualified, can receive additional services through the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Program.

Pros and Cons of Job Hopping

Jay Hicks / Jan 18, 2018

Recruiters and hiring managers understand corporate longevity is a rare commodity.  However, unexplained job-hopping can be detrimental to employment.

Certifications and Your Post-Miliary Career

Jay Hicks / Oct 26, 2017

Certification is a method to prove to the world your mastery of a body of knowledge. There are a variety of certifications available at different career levels.