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Will I Receive a Drug Test as a Part of My Security Clearance?

Jeffrey Bennett / Nov 19, 2018

Currently there are no requirements to conduct recurring or random drug testing as a part of the security clearance process – but that doesn’t mean an applicant won’t be tested.

How to Boost Your Marketability and Your Career

Jeffrey Bennett / Oct 3, 2018

In many cases, employers provide time and allow certification exams as part of professional development. They recognize the dedication their employees demonstrate, the experienced gained, and the marketability of certification.

How Many People Should Have a Security Clearance?

Jeffrey Bennett / Sep 29, 2018

The recently-released Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report on Security Clearance Determinations explains the current state of U.S. government security clearances. It also provides clearance trends from 2016 to 2017 and explains any increase or decrease in the number of security clearance holders.

How Understanding the Warfighter’s Mission is Key to Your Success

Jeffrey Bennett / Sep 17, 2018

Intelligence support makes the warfighter’s operational mission possible. In a recently-revised U.S. Army publication, this partnership between intelligence and military operations is explored for the integral relationship that it is.

What Is an Interim Security Clearance?

Jeffrey Bennett / Sep 8, 2018

An interim clearance is a temporary and limited granting of access to classified information. It is routinely granted during a security clearance investigation and ends immediately upon the conclusion of the investigation – with either a clearance grant or denial.