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10 Ways to Get Fired From Federal Government (Or At Least On Your Way Out the Door)

Jillian Hamilton / Jul 5, 2018

Just ask employees in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) if it’s possible to be fired – the VA recently announced it had dropped more than 500 employees in just 5 months, a figure that would be pretty remarkable in or outside of government.

Where to Go for Law Enforcement Training

Jillian Hamilton / Mar 6, 2018

Whether you’re working for the Secret Service or the Border Patrol, you’re in need of a distinct, specific set of skills

How to Praise Your Employees

Jillian Hamilton / Feb 27, 2018

While it’s good to praise your employees, it is helpful to be strategic about how or why you praise them.

Interview Questions You Don’t Have to Answer

Jillian Hamilton / Feb 12, 2018

It’s hard to know what to avoid in those initial conversations, and better yet, how to avoid or redirect questions without being antagonistic.

Bad Boss, Good Boss – 4 Types of Bosses and What To Do About It

Jillian Hamilton / Feb 7, 2018

Take some time to understand if you have a boss who you can excel under or if your career is suffering under a bad boss.