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Your Career’s Best Friend on Social Media – Privacy Setings

Jillian Hamilton / Jan 17, 2017

Make judicious use of the privacy settings on your social media accounts. When you do so, you’re helping to make Facebook great again – one filtered post at a time.

7 Phrases to Banish from Your Work Vocabulary in 2017

Jillian Hamilton / Jan 10, 2017

In office communication, every word counts. If you’re still using cliches in meetings or conversations with coworkers, it’s time to banish them from your vocabulary.

Why You Shouldn’t Share Your Web Passwords

Jillian Hamilton / Nov 21, 2016

If you’ve ever shared your password, you’re not alone. But outside of the cybersecurity risks, there are legal considerations, as well.

Tips for Attracting Diverse Candidates to National Security Careers

Jillian Hamilton / Aug 25, 2016

What steps can the intelligence community take to attract a more diverse workforce? And why is diversity hiring a critical national security priority.

Exceptional Government Employees and the Problem With Ratings

Jillian Hamilton / Aug 2, 2016

Every government employee is an exceptional government employee. That’s if you believe the current rating system. Like most things in government, however, the issues are more about the policy than the people.


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