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10 Tips to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out To a Program Manager

Jillian Hamilton / Jan 18, 2016

Your cover letter isn’t just a great way to impress a recruiter, it can also be the key to landing an interview with the company.

Why You Should Self-Identify If You Have a Disability

Jillian Hamilton / Jan 13, 2016

There are a number of good reasons to self-identify if you have a disability. It benefits both your career prospects and federal contractors, who are required to make hiring disabled workers a priority.

Terms That Can Sink Your Position Descriptions

Jillian Hamilton / Nov 25, 2015

Finding the right candidate is often about writing the right position description. Here are terms to avoid.

Locality Pay Changes Could Mean Smaller Cost of Living Increases for Feds

Jillian Hamilton / Nov 20, 2015

Locality pay changes are increasing the size of some localities, which could reduce the size of any pay increase for federal workers in those areas.

Army Slicing Force Size – Without BRAC

Jillian Hamilton / Oct 30, 2015

With congressional push back against another round of BRAC, the Pentagon is opting for a ‘slow bleed’ – which may or may not be even more painful.