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Instructors Teaching How to Beat a Security Polygraph Under Investigation

Lindy Kyzer / Aug 19, 2013

Two individuals are facing federal charges after being accused of offering tips on how to beat a security polygraph, used to screen applicants for federal employment.

5 Things Every Vet Should Know about Security Clearances

Lindy Kyzer / Sep 20, 2018

In today’s tight candidate’s market, possessing a security clearance may be one of the greatest assets you bring to your job search. Unfortunately, many veterans allow their terminal leave to pass without understanding the valuable credential a security clearance should be.

Why Ongoing Learning Is Critical to Your Career

Lindy Kyzer / Sep 18, 2018

Your personal and professional development is critical to your career. Learn how to make the most of ongoing learning opportunities.

Guns, Firearms, and Your Security Clearance

Lindy Kyzer / Sep 15, 2018

Your security clearance application requires you to list your police record – if you have one – and specifically inquires about crimes involving violence; guns or explosives; and drugs or alcohol.

What Really Happens in the Military’s Transition Assistance Program?

Lindy Kyzer / Sep 1, 2018

Like most things, TAP is what you make it. But don’t let yourself be fooled by a rumor that the program is a waste of time. Taken as one part of a broader, personalized transition plan, it should be considered an essential step toward your new mission – a civilian job.