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New Senate Bill Aims to Put Teeth Behind Plans to Reduce Clearance Processing Times

Peter Suciu / Dec 13, 2018

What the Modernizing the Trusted Workforce in the 21st Act means for security clearance reform. Will it really set personnel security on the path toward faster processing times?

Spy Gadgets: Fact or Fiction

Peter Suciu / Dec 11, 2018

Shoe phones, invisible cars, rectal tool kits – do you know which elements of spy lore are fact, and which are fiction? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

The Great War: Intelligence, Treaties and Covert Operations of WWI

Peter Suciu / Dec 4, 2018

Today it is remembered mostly for the trench warfare on the Western Front, but World War I was one of many covert operations, subterfuge and secret treaties.

Finding a Workaround to the Defense Talent Shortage

Peter Suciu / Dec 1, 2018

As the competition for cleared IT talent continues to heat up, many employers are looking to college students to combat the defense talent shortage.

Sextortion and Your Security Clearance

Peter Suciu / Nov 21, 2018

Extortion and blackmail remain a very real concern for clearance holders, and there are numerous instances where a security clearance holder could be the subject of such threats.