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Do IT Certifications Pay Off and What are the Best Certifications to Have?

Peter Suciu / Feb 21, 2017

IT certifications are often listed as a ‘must have’ to advance your career. But do they really pay off, and if so, which certifications offer the best value?

Is a Master’s Degree Worth the Cost?

Peter Suciu / Feb 20, 2017

An advanced degree can be an expensive. But it often comes with the promise of higher pay and a better career. Whether that promise pays off often depends upon the career path you choose.

Temporary Jobs Overseas – What To Consider Before You Go

Peter Suciu / Feb 12, 2017

OCONUS careers may take the form of temporary jobs overseas or full-time employment offers. Which path you choose will generally depend more on your preference than any other factor.

OCONUS Jobs – The State of the Overseas Jobs Market

Peter Suciu / Feb 11, 2017

Those interested in overseas jobs may be surprised by the benefits, from housing allowances to company support networks. Learn more about pursuing OCONUS jobs as a contractor.

Know Your Military Benefits – Test Your Knowledge of the GI Bill

Peter Suciu / Feb 8, 2017

Understanding your military benefits is a critical component of putting them to use. Test your knowledge of the post-9/11 GI bill and learn what benefits you may be missing out on.