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Using Credentialing to Obtain a Civilian Job

Ron Kness / Mar 24, 2017

Credentialing programs can be a great way to transition into a civilian career faster. Learn more about the programs available and how to apply.

How Veterans Can Use Education to Increase Their Opportunities

Ron Kness / Mar 17, 2017

Veterans have a variety of free education resources available. It’s worth taking advantage as you consider your civilian career options.

Education and Your Military MOS

Ron Kness / Mar 10, 2017

Depending upon your military MOS, you may find the best career match by obtaining a four-year degree before you transition.

Finding an MOS Job Match

Ron Kness / Mar 2, 2017

Veterans exit the military with a variety of job skills. A new Rand Corporation report expands the job matches for each MOS and can be a great resourcing for those transitioning.

How to Find the Civilian Job That’s the Right Match for Your MOS

Ron Kness / Feb 24, 2017

Current tools and resources designed to match veterans with civilian careers often miss the mark. A new study hopes to help veterans find the right job match.