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How to Choose a Degree and School After the Military

Ron Kness / Mar 23, 2018

You have identified two of the three choices you need to make after the military: career and degree. The only one left is choosing a school that offers the degree you need.

How to Choose a Career After Your Military Service

Ron Kness / Mar 16, 2018

If you are thinking about getting out of the military or have already gotten out, your next move may be trying to figure out what next to do with your life.

5 Military-Learned Soft Skills to Use in Your Career Search

Ron Kness / Mar 9, 2018

In many cases, the specialized “hard” skills directly related to a MOS may not apply to their civilian career. But many of the so-called “soft” skills do apply and in fact give them an advantage.

Scholarships and Grant for Veterans

Ron Kness / Mar 2, 2018

While the GI Bill is great by itself, sometimes it is not enough. When that happens, veterans can turn to scholarships, grants, work study and other forms of financial aid to help fill the gap.

How Veterans Can Pay for College When the GI Bill Isn’t Enough

Ron Kness / Feb 23, 2018

We look at one way to help pay the difference when the GI Bill is not enough to pay what a school charges.