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IT Training for Military Spouses

Ron Kness / Dec 7, 2018

In a new effort to fill the IT hiring gap, Microsoft has expanded their Software & Systems Academy to now include military spouses.

Tips to Get Your First Management Job Post-Military

Ron Kness / Nov 30, 2018

It is a fact that the military does a great job at preparing veterans for management positions after getting out. Put your skills to use to land a management job.

5 Qualities that Make Vets a Great Fit for Law Enforcement Jobs

Ron Kness / Nov 23, 2018

Many military veterans look for a post-military career where they can continue to serve their country and community. One profession that does just that, and in many ways is like the military is the field of law enforcement.

From Boots to Suits – 5 Tips to Make Transitioning Easier

Ron Kness / Nov 16, 2018

Regardless of which branch or transition program you’re a part of, these five tips can help you successfully navigate your way to a civilian career.

Employment Decisions Post-Military

Ron Kness / Nov 6, 2018

There are two major questions you must ask yourself as you prepare for a military transition – where will you live and will you be happy with a job or are you ready to launch a second career?