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State Department Suitability Criteria Pose Problems for Those with Past Indiscretions

Sean Bigley / Mar 11, 2018

State and USAID – unlike every other agency in the government of which I’m aware – utilize a different set of suitability criteria for applicants to the foreign service.

Will a GOMOR Kill My Security Clearance?

Sean Bigley / Mar 8, 2018

A GOMOR, or “General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand”, is essentially a written “chewing out” of a soldier by a General. It’s a career killer, but not necessarily a clearance killer.

Jewish Birthright Trip Causes Problems for Some Intelligence Community Applicants

Sean Bigley / Feb 26, 2018

The Birthright Israel program sends 50,000 Jewish young adults each year on an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel. For some, it’s caused foreign influence concerns for an intelligence community clearance.

Security Clearances and Weekend Entrepreneurs

Sean Bigley / Feb 26, 2018

Entrepreneurship can be an incredibly fun and rewarding endeavor, even if pursued on only a part-time basis. For security clearance holders, however, extra due-diligence may be necessary.

Why Investing in a Marijuana Business Could Make Your Clearance Go Up in Smoke

Sean Bigley / Feb 18, 2018

For some of the “smokers and midnight tokers” among us, the burgeoning “legal” marijuana industry is leading to hazy visions of a different kind of green: cash.