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What Clearance Holders Need to Know About Wikileaks

Sean Bigley / Apr 17, 2017

The government wants to get more aggressive about stopping the next leaker. That’s a good reason (if you needed one) to stay away from WikiLeaks.

Can I Get Blowback for Serving as a Security Clearance Reference?

Sean Bigley / Apr 12, 2017

What if you have the misfortune of giving a glowing character reference to the person who turns out to be the next Navy Yard or Fort Hood shooter?

What’s in My Security Clearance Background Investigation?

Sean Bigley / Apr 10, 2017

Have you ever wondered what your references said about you during your background investigation? Requesting a copy of your investigation may be your way to find out.

The “Nanny Tax” and Your Security Clearance

Sean Bigley / Apr 2, 2017

If you’re not familiar with the “nanny tax”, you’re not alone. Officially called the “Household Employer” tax, it applies to people who directly employ baby-sitters, nannies, or other domestic employees in their homes.

What Happens if You’re Denied a Job Due to Suitability or Fitness

Sean Bigley / Mar 26, 2017

In some ways, a suitability or fitness case doesn’t carry the broad scarlet letter of a security clearance denial for future employment opportunities. But an unfair determination can be hard to fight.