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How the Trump Administration May Alter Foreign Influence Cases

Sean Bigley / Feb 19, 2017

Foreign influence DOHA decisions may sway slightly based upon the attitudes of the current President and Administration. Here’s what we might expect from the Trump Administration.

Working for a Foreign Employer Abroad May Earn You US Social Security Credit

Sean Bigley / Feb 14, 2017

If you’ve worked overseas you may be entitled to Social Security benefits in that country. The good news for security clearance holders is that benefit may be transferable to the US Social Security system.

Why an FBI Interview Is Not a Part of a Security Clearance Investigation

Sean Bigley / Feb 1, 2017

You get a call from an FBI agent requesting to speak with you about your security clearance application. Learn why this is not a part of the background investigations process, and why you should be concerned.

Customs and Border Patrol Polygraphs Act as a DHS ‘House Cleaning’ Exercise

Sean Bigley / Jan 23, 2017

In an effort to clean house and raise its suitability standards, the Department of Homeland Security, specifically Customs and Border Patrol, is implementing more widespread polygraph testing as an employment requirement.

Can I Ever Drink Again After an Alcohol Dependency Diagnosis?

Sean Bigley / Jan 11, 2017

The science behind alcohol dependence is changing. And that is good news for clearance holders who have been treated for addiction or alcohol abuse.