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FOIA vs. the Privacy Act: How to Get What You Want

Sean Bigley / Mar 20, 2017

If you want access to your security clearance background investigation or are seeking information about a government program, you’ll need to make a FOIA or Privacy Act request.

Psychological Conditions Rarely Stand Alone in Security Clearance Cases  

Sean Bigley / Mar 12, 2017

Mental health rarely stands alone in the denial or revocation of a security clearance. The bigger concern is how mental health issues affect behavior and reliability.

What to Ask Your Psychologist Before You Submit Your SF86

Sean Bigley / Mar 5, 2017

Wondering what your psychologist might say during your security clearance background investigation? It’s simple – ask.

No Confidentiality in Fitness for Duty Exams

Sean Bigley / Mar 1, 2017

The government may order you to meet with a mental health professional for an assessment as a part of your security clearance.

How the Trump Administration May Alter Foreign Influence Cases

Sean Bigley / Feb 19, 2017

Foreign influence DOHA decisions may sway slightly based upon the attitudes of the current President and Administration. Here’s what we might expect from the Trump Administration.