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Why Waiting to Take Your DOHA Case Seriously is a Bad Idea

Sean Bigley / Aug 12, 2018

if you don’t like your DOHA judge’s decision, you don’t get to re-argue your case on appeal, submit new evidence, or really do anything besides challenge the decision on procedural or other due process grounds.

Dual Citizenship Raises Questions for Some Security Clearance Applicants

Sean Bigley / Aug 5, 2018

Before determining whether a particular scenario does present problems – and before assessing what, if anything, can be done to proactively mitigate it – one must determine whether or not s/he actually holds dual citizenship.

Filing EEO With a Security Clearance Denial or Revocation

Sean Bigley / Jul 31, 2018

Not only are courts barred from reviewing the stated reasons for an agency’s security clearance decision, they also can’t, as a general matter, “peer behind the curtain” to assess whether those stated reasons form a pretext for other, hidden reasons.

Security Managers an Under-Used Resource

Sean Bigley / Jul 19, 2018

No matter how you slice it, security managers are an indispensable yet under-utilized resource in many organizations. With a bit of foresight and thoughtful decision-making, that doesn’t have to be the situation.

If I Lose My Top-Secret Clearance, Will I Lose My Secret Clearance?

Sean Bigley / Jul 16, 2018

Unfortunately, a full field background investigation uncovers, through in-person interviews with references, what a largely automated prior background investigation will not.