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“Cohabitant” vs. “Roommate”: Why Terminology Matters

Sean Bigley / Oct 14, 2018

Significant other? Cohabitant? Buddy? Strictly professional? These situations can get complicated, so perhaps the best way of assessing any living situation is to approach it with this question in mind: What is the government’s motivation for inquiring?

Interim Security Clearances Increasingly Critical for Industry

Sean Bigley / Oct 7, 2018

The lesson here for applicants attempting to obtain an interim security clearance is simply this: don’t underestimate the value of the comments sections on the SF-86 form as a place to mitigate potential concerns.

Why Disorganization and Poor Record-Keeping Are the Death of So Many Security Clearances

Sean Bigley / Sep 30, 2018

As it turns out, being sloppy isn’t just an annoying quirk – it can cost you your cleared career.

Self-Reporting an Arrest with Criminal Charges Pending

Sean Bigley / Sep 23, 2018

Security clearance holders are required to immediately self-report an arrest or criminal charges. In many cases, self-reporting can head off clearance revocation at the pass – but not always.

Illicit “Massages” a Leading Cause of Security Clearance Problems

Sean Bigley / Sep 16, 2018

Serving as a government contractor can sometimes be stressful. To relieve that stress, some turn to massage, and that is where things get, well…touchy.

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