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What does a 30-year Intelligence Community Tech Career Look Like?

Todd Keys / Nov 25, 2018

Here are some “career snapshots” of over 30 years in the Intelligence Community. This time period saw the development of the internet and tech. Two things have not changed about working in the IC: interesting missions and great people.

Why Capture is Critical to Getting Work in the IC

Todd Keys / Nov 15, 2018

Proposals are a ton of work. They also cost time and money. Do yourself and your company a big favor. Have a plan to win and do your capture. 

How to Build Your Corporate Identity and Reputation in a Tight Marketplace

Todd Keys / Oct 13, 2018

The defense industry is a crowded space, with many contractors vying for the same, limited pool of contracts and talent. If you want your company to be successful, these are ways you can help set your company apart from the pack.

How to Silence Your Worst Impulses: Tendencies of Human Nature to Avoid

Todd Keys / Oct 2, 2018

Instinct and human nature can benefit us for optimal performance in all areas of our lives. But they can also hold us back. Understanding human nature – and knowing when to buck against it – can propel your life and career.

OCONUS Assignments: A Personal Perspective

Todd Keys / Sep 11, 2018

By taking an OCONUS assignment, you can build extraordinary relationships, grow in your career, and provide your family with an experience they’ll never forget. And through all of this, you really gain a new perspective on the world.