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What Makes a Great Intelligence Community Career

Todd Keys / Aug 14, 2018

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that an IC career always has a shadow that extends beyond the individual. After decades of government service, here are just a few thoughts worth considering. 

The Difference Between Prime and Subcontracting: A Manager’s Perspective

Todd Keys / Aug 6, 2018

When it comes to contract management, there are significant differences between being a prime and being a sub. This article will identify and explore some of those differences.

Prime and Subcontracting 101: A Worker’s Perspective

Todd Keys / Jul 10, 2018

If you are a contractor, you either work directly for a defense contractor in a management or services role, or you work on a prime or subcontract.  You may have heard the terminology, “I work for the Prime”, or “I work for a Sub.”   There is a difference.

Operational Technology Vulnerabilities and How to Address Them

Todd Keys / Jun 13, 2018

Our Industrial Control Systems (ICS) were designed to monitor, sense and actuate based on readings.  They are real-time systems that are primarily used in industry to interface with or “operate” machinery. Hence the term Operational Technology.

Operational Technology Careers vs. Information Technology Careers

Todd Keys / Jun 5, 2018

While we have all been focused on the hardening of our vulnerable IT networks, OT (operational technology) networks have been quietly (or perhaps noisily) performing in industry.