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What You Need to Know About OFCCP

What is OFCCP?

OFCCP stands for the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs. OFCCP applies to federal contractors with more than $10,000 in government business. As a baseline, it requires federal contractors to take affirmative action to hire qualified veterans, disabled workers and minorities. If a company has at least 50 employees and a single contract worth $50,000 or more, it must also develop an Affirmative Action Program (AAP).

Ofccp-friendly recruiting tips

Failure to comply with federal regulations can mean big money penalties or even being barred from government contracting, in extreme cases. For recruiters and hiring managers, creating an OFCCP-friendly hiring program isn’t just good policy, it’s good business. Here are five tips for making sure your hiring strategy reaches out to a diverse audience.

While OFCCP may seem to require a lot of government contractors, the government also provides a variety of resources, from sample AAP plans to information on how to stay compliant with regulations.

OFCCP News Updates

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