Raytheon Wins $61 Million for CEC Engineering and Design – DoD Daily Contracts

Caroline D'Agati / Sep 21, 2018

CEC (Cooperative Engagement Capability) is a sensor netting system that improves battle force effectiveness by improving situational awareness and enabling longer range, cooperative, multiple, or layered engagement strategies.

US News and World Report Announces 20 Best Colleges for Veterans

Ron Kness / Sep 21, 2018

Schools on the list had to meet four criteria: accepting the GI Bill, participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program, a veteran or active duty service member student population of at least 20 students, and be in the top half of the Best Colleges rankings.

NBIB Releases New Report on Status of Security Clearance Backlog

Marko Hakamaa / Sep 21, 2018

The National Background Investigations Bureau just released new numbers on the massive security clearance backlog. The news is not good – well, for the most part.

Part 2: Want to Write Code? How to Program in C#

David Brown / Sep 21, 2018

In part one of this series, we learned the structure of a C# program and how to compile it. Let’s introduce a few variables to the equation.

President Moon’s Trip to North Korea: Progress or Pageantry?

Tom McCuin / Sep 21, 2018

South Korean President Moon Jae-in was in the North this week for another “historic” summit that has produced sound and fury, pageantry, great photos, and grand pronouncements – but little real progress.