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Boeing Awarded Navy Blue Angels Engineering Contract – DoD Daily Contracts

Lindy Kyzer / Jul 25, 2016

The Boeing Co. was awarded $12.1 million delivery order for an engineering change proposal for the “Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels) Super Hornet Conversion.”

Does the President Have a Security Clearance?

David Brown / Jul 25, 2016

Murder, drugs, or a history of mishandling secret files are no obstacles to a president’s access to classified material. Presidents have access to it all!

Every E-Mail You Write Is Public – Daily Intelligence

Ed Ledford / Jul 25, 2016

Forget about writing personal messages on work e-mail, and forget about writing official messages on personal e-mail. Everything is game.

Could College Outreach Help Fix the Intelligence Community’s Diversity Problems?

Peter Suciu / Jul 24, 2016

The Intelligence Community still struggles to attract a diverse workforce. Could better millennial recruiting strategies hold the key to better diversity?

What Do the Different Intelligence Agencies Do?

Peter Suciu / Jul 23, 2016

Do you understand what each of the 16 intelligence agencies does, and how their functions differ? Take our quiz to see if you know who does what.