What It Takes to Get a Job (According to Science)

David Brown / Sep 24, 2017

Science has a lot to say about getting a job. And, unfortunately, most of it is pretty depressing.

5 Benefits of a Master’s Degree and Which Fields Offer the Greatest Benefit

Jillian Hamilton / Sep 22, 2017

But is more education always the answer? What benefit can you get from a graduate degree, other than more debt?

GovSource Awarded Iraqi Special Forces Training Contract – DoD Daily Contracts

Lindy Kyzer / Sep 22, 2017

GovSource Inc. was awarded a $7.5 million foreign military sales (Iraq) contract for training, material and life support functions for Iraqi Special Operations Forces trainees.

How to Survive a Layoff

Jay Hicks / Sep 22, 2017

In the defense industry, contracts expire and jobs come and go. There are constant reductions in force and re-organizations. How do you get through these difficult times?

Powers Plays Politics, Seeks Unmasking of 260 Wiretapped Citizens

Tom McCuin / Sep 22, 2017

It’s plausible Power was unmasking these transcripts to build a file of information on incoming Trump administration appointees which she has been strategically leaking since January