Security Clearance Salaries Rose 7% Last Year

Lindy Kyzer / Jul 16, 2018

After several years of relatively flat salaries, government shutdowns and salary freezes, salaries for security-cleared workers are beginning to heat up.

Department of Justice Sets the Stage for a Rumble with Russia – Will Trump Take It?

Tom McCuin / Jul 16, 2018

On Monday morning, President Donald Trump will sit down with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ever the contrarian, Trump enters the summit with no set agenda. This could prove to be a mistake.

The Veterans Who Won’t Stop Being Heroes

David Brown / Jul 15, 2018

The world seems worse than ever, but heroes are all around us and veterans are leading the way.

Spear Phishing a Part of Russia’s Intervention in 2016 Election

Christopher Burgess / Jul 14, 2018

12 members of Russian military intelligence were indicted for hacking associated with the 2016 elections.

Learn Website Development Using Your GI Bill … In 14 Weeks!

Ron Kness / Jul 13, 2018

For veterans interested in learning how to code websites without spending 18 months or more going to school, there is a new VA-approved 14-week immersive program just for veterans called Code Platoon.