How to Use Two GI Bills to Make the Most of Your Benefit

Ron Kness / Feb 16, 2018

There are tips to keep in mind to make the most of your GI Bill. Here are some considerations for taking advantage of two or more GI Bills. 

Honeytraps a Real Risk to Military, Cleared Professionals

Tom McCuin / Feb 16, 2018

The social media manager at the Central Intelligence Agency, whoever he or she is, is my new hero. Not everyone can find a way to put an espionage spin on Valentine’s Day, but @CIA managed to do just that. The 82nd Airborne Division’s public affairs officer posted candy hearts with airborne-related sayings printed on them, […]

From Sci-Fi to Reality: How the Military Develops the Tools of Tomorrow

Peter Suciu / Feb 15, 2018

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has recently been highlighting how its efforts are helping the military dream big dreams and turn projects which may seem like science fiction unto a reality for the military.

6 Ways to Sharpen Your Cross Cultural Fluency

Melissa Jordan / Feb 15, 2018

If you’d like to enhance your cultural intelligence, here are a few approaches to do it.

Service Contractors Get Good News in White House’s Proposed Budget

Tom McCuin / Feb 15, 2018

Since the bulk of the jobs for people with security clearances are in the national defense arena, how much money the DOD is getting and how it plans to spend it should be a hot topic