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Which Career is Right for You – Government Employee or Government Contractor?

Peter Suciu / Feb 7, 2016

Which career is right for you – government contractor or federal employee? The answer isn’t so easy as one being clearly better than the other, and often comes down to timing and personal preference.

The Montgomery GI Bill – Same Name But Two Entirely Different GI Bills

Ron Kness / Feb 6, 2016

Learn more about the differences in the Montgomery GI Bill for Active Duty and Selected Reserve service members.

Getting a Job at Smartronix – Cyber Solutions, Cloud Computing and More

Lindy Kyzer / Feb 5, 2016

Considering a career in cloud or IT? Look to industry innovator Smartronix. Learn more about their company, vision and openings.

Do You Love Your Job? (Quiz)

Lindy Kyzer / Feb 5, 2016

Do you love your job? It’s an important question. Here are several questions to help you decide if the job or career you’re currently pursuing is right for you.

Syria Turning Point, Nuclear & Spy Budgets, and Battlefield Brilliance – Daily Intelligence

Ed Ledford / Feb 5, 2016

Government forces surrounding Aleppo, strategic implications of budget slips, and DARPA’s deep-learning intel microchip – all in today’s defense headlines.