With all of the spam on the net, it can be difficult to weed though fake job offers and scams to find the legitimate inquiries. Here are some tips:

  • Fake job offers often originate from overseas. These emails contain broken English, unrealistic salaries, and almost always ask you to respond to a free, public email account like Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, or Hotmail.
  • Fake job offers often ask for unnecessary personal data like contact information, social security number, phone number, passwords, bank accounts, etc.
  • Fake job offers often contain attached files, some of which can be dangerous to open.
  • Fake job offers often “spoof” or pretend they are coming from ClearanceJobs.com when in fact they are not. When employers contact you, the reply-to address will never be from ClearanceJobs.com but rather directly from that employer’s own work email account.

Registered employers on ClearanceJobs.com are all manually pre-screened. We only allow authorized government contractors and legitimate, recognized search firms in our system, and it’s impossible to view resumes with a credit card.

If you receive contact from a potential employer and want to validate the contact person or their offer, forward the email to us by clicking the Contact link in the bottom footer of this page. We will help validate it for you immediately.

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