Emails are circulating around the internet claiming to be from While CareerBuilder isn’t affiliated with our site in any way, we thought we’d warn people to not fall for this email.

The scam email is as follows:

Dear employer

Due to a recent security breach in the Careerbuilder computer system, a new set of terms and conditions has been issued. In order to guarantee the security of your Careerbuilder account , we need you to login over a secure connection and confirm your user and password, by clicking the link below.After the process is completed, your account will be secured as stated in the new terms of use.

Please click on the link below and login in order to accept the new terms and conditions that have been issued ( Online Access Agreement Update ) :

After completing this process, you will be redirected to our new terms of use.

Thank you


A few things make this stick out as a junk email. First, clicking the link redirects you to a URL that is not on the CareerBuilder site. Second, the email doesn’t look like a standard CareerBuilder email.

Don’t fall for it!

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