A new malware outbreak is being spread via USB keys. The US Computer Emergency Response Team (US-Cert) is warning users and administrators to be on the lookout following a rise in incidents. USB drive attacks are on the rise again…

The Defense Department has banned the use of removable flash media and storage devices from all government computers, at least temporarily, according to messages that were sent to department employees informing them of the new restrictions. The Pentagon was collecting any of the small flash drives that were purchased or provided by the department to workers, according to a message distributed to employees. However, DOD officials at the Pentagon have not confirmed the ban.

The Pentagon has acknowledged that its vast computer network is scanned or probed by outsiders millions of times each day. DOD’s Global Information Grid includes more than 17,000 local- and regional-area networks and approximately 7 million individual computers.Military leaders have warned of potential threats from a variety of sources including other countries (i.e. China), along with other independent hackers and terrorists.

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DOD bans the use of removable, flash-type drives

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