An article posted on Edwards Air Force Base site appeared back in April highlighting the threat of identity theft, addressing those in uniform performing official duties. The article provides ways you can better protect not only your own vital information, but your colleagues as well:


When posting other information to a share drive or information sharing network ensure:

  • the documents are moved to your official electronic files management systems (Consult your Functional Area Records Manager/Responsibility Center)
  • review stored records periodically to determine if the documents are still required. If not, delete them
  • take privacy protection seriously; ask yourself, “If I do this, will I increase the risk of unauthorized access?”
  • do not keep copies of personnel records (e.g., financial, investigative, medical, adverse actions, etc.) unless they are the official record or a copy is required to perform official duties

A career can be jeopardized, and possibly terminated, due to negative information in one’s credit reports. As background checks and security clearance investigations include checking an applicant’s credit history, negative entries can cause an applicant to be denied a security clearance, thus preventing them from filling a specific job that requires a security clearance.

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