The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) released its 2011-2012 Campaign Plan yesterday. The plan outlines allocation of resources, organizational priorities, and structure, all of which it says are inextricably linked.

“Every part of DISA has an essential role in the execution of this plan. Our partners throughout the Department, elsewhere in the government (foreign and domestic), and in industry have critical roles as well,” wrote Lt. Gen. Carroll F. Pollett, DISA Director, in his Campaign intent message. “As we collaborate with our partners to make the transformation and provide essential capabilities, this plan will continue to ensure alignment with the needs of the Department and the nation.”

The document outlines DISA’s lines of effort, as well as the challenges they face in providing support across a variety of operations in the face of declining budgets. Over a four-month period in Fiscal Year 2011, DISA supported six simultaneous operations, the report noted. In addition, rising cyber threats and the need to more rapidly field the technology service members and civilians are accustomed is created increased demand for DISA resources and staff.

“We must continue to have the vision and speed to innovate and adopt new technology and integrate all types of user devices in this increasingly mobile environment,” the report notes. “We must enable high-speed, high volume information exchange and collaboration while maintaining interoperability and ensuring information assurance.”

The Campaign Plan also outlines DISA’s seven guiding principles:

  1. We must support the full spectrum of operations.
  2. Our mission and responsibilities are global.
  3. Our enterprise supports the Defense Department and its mission partners.
  4. We operate in a contested battle space.
  5. We provide interconnected, interoperable assured infrastructure, capabilities and services that recognize the enterprise begins at the edge.
  6. Our goal is to enable and ensure end to end service.
  7. The DISA enterprise must be always-on.

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