On January 17 Booz Allen Hamilton demonstrated that it is joining the ranks of defense contractors showing strength and emphasis on cyber security by launching the Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network™. This network brings their services to government and commercial clients everywhere. The network will serve as a hub that connects their clients to thousands of cyber experts, technologies, and services including Advanced Cyber Analytics, Computer Network Defense, Cyber Product Testing and Evaluation, and Advanced Cyber Training.

They are pursuing expansion, but initially the network will include nine centers with particular focus: four in Maryland, four in Northern Virginia, and one in New Jersey. Their services offer 24/7 emergency response, mobile forensics, advanced cyber analytics, forensics and intelligence, and network monitoring. The network will also offer three centers for cyber training.

"In today’s world of sophisticated and complex cyber threats, it takes a network to protect a network," said Booz Allen Hamilton Executive Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer Joe Mahaffee. "The Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network will provide deeper and broader cyber capabilities and services to our clients on their terms — when they need it and where they need it."

With cybersecurity remaining a bright spot in the defense budget, expect an increasing number of companies to invest in cyber capabilities, such as the Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network. Centers such as the cyber solutions network provide a key area for employees to practice cyber skills as well as for companies to demonstrate cyber best practices to new clients.

Noah works with the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and is an evangelical Christian trained in theological studies. He lives on Capitol Hill with his wife and two children. You can follow him at his blog www.noahbraymen.blogspot.com.

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