Cyber professionals have their pick of employers. But when it comes to choosing the right opportunity, it often comes down to the mission, and the team – and that’s where cyber careers at Booz Allen truly shine.

“As a member of our elite team, you’ll help us secure the future,” says Ryan H. Enterprise Security Architect. Cyber careers at Booz Allen aren’t singularly focused – they’re all about pursuing the global good. And when it comes to career opportunities, the options are as diverse as the threats.

“I love to solve hard problems,” says Misty L., cyber program manager at Booz Allen. “I love to engage in areas where it’s really tricky on how to figure things out. Cyber allows a platform to do that.”

Career growth is critical in cyber, and Booz Allen is committed to investing in career growth for its team members. In cyber, you’re only as good as your latest challenge – and Booz Allen has the space and capacity, from hacker spaces to lab experiences – to keep technologists on the cutting edge.

“This has truly been a unique experience because of the investment they make in me, and my development,” says Misty L.

But beyond the work, Booz Allen offers a team of peers and mentors to make the work you do matter. From former service members and government experts to cyber professionals who were simply looking for their next career opportunity, Booz Allen’s teams bring together diverse experiences and backgrounds – with a few common denominators: creativity, technical mindset, and a passion for the customer.

“What makes Booz Allen a unique place to work is its network of highly qualified an intelligent individuals,” says Brandon C., a security risk specialist.

As a cyber professional with Booz Allen you’ll pioneer solutions in areas like:

  • Cyber Defense: You’ll reduce vulnerabilities, identify threats, and enhance cyber defenses for faster detection and shorter response time.
  • Cyber Enabled Platforms: You’ll implement resilient cyber-enabled platforms to assess and harden system security, such as cloud, weapons platforms, medical devices, and critical infrastructure.
  • Cyberwarfare: You’ll implement solutions for the full spectrum of cyber and electronic activities, including mission operations, readiness, and capability development.


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