Already, there are substantive concerns about the Central Intelligence Agency running the drone program, and efforts are underway to move it in its totality to the Pentagon.

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is calling for new recruits to help expel the infidels from Mali and the broader Sahara, on the eve of France’s operations there.

The Central African Republic is the latest African nation to go up in flames, prompting rightful fears from U.S. policymakers and the intelligence community.

Iran’s supreme leader is locked in a bitter political battle to keep his nearest competitor in line.

The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has said there is a ‘high probability’ that chemical weapons were used in Aleppo, Syria yesterday.


The Pentagon has released the schedule of its civilian employee furlough implementation plan, which will be phased in over a matter of a time.

An anonymous Special Forces officer has some reservations about non-special operations forces training the Afghan Local Police in Afghanistan.

The Marine Corps Black Sea Rotational Force-13 has taken up the banner of the United States in the Black Sea and will serve as a quick response force.


The Defense Intelligence Agency’s Defense Clandestine Service is hiring, in an expansion of its newly-installed director’s authority and a strategic alliance brokered with the CIA.

Despite all the recent hyperbole about cyberwarfare, the National Security Agency has had the statutory authority to conduct offensive cyber operations — properly termed computer network exploitation and attack — since at least 1997.

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Robert Caruso is a veteran of the United States Navy, and has worked for the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, Business Transformation Agency and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.