Word of mouth advertising isn’t just for getting company sales…it’s also for getting new recruits. What employees say about their employer can have a big impact on company growth. Don’t forget that with the growth of the social world, news is only a few connections and clicks away.

Listening to some hiring managers interview candidates can induce the need to bring the hand to forehead with a resounding slap. Ere.net has some tips for managing hiring managers who may be a bit rough around the edges when it comes to the interview process.

Looks like implementing federal phased retirement plans isn’t as easy as talking about it. Agency human resource managers are less enthusiastic than federal employees are about starting the implementation process.

If Congress gets a budget passed, the Department of Defense is planning on spending $23 billion on cyber operations in the next four years. Behind all the capabilities of national security lies the framework to support it. So, despite the decreasing defense funds,DoD cyber security spending is expected to stay strong.

Who’s Moving

A move from Germany to Hampton Roads, Va. is a bit of a jaunt for the U.S. Africa Command, but that is what Virginia Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are proposing to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. The senators argue that the Hampton Roads area has a lot to offer AFRICOM. If the relocation were to occur, it could create about 4,300 jobs for the area, a huge boost to the state of Virginia, as well as save the country millions after the completion of the move.

Who’s Firing

After cutting 200 salaried positions back in June, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp is now looking to cut 200 hourly positions. The cuts are due to increases in costs and defense budget cuts and will take place predominantly in its Connecticut location.

Is it possible to have voluntary layoffs? Apparently, Northrop Grumman Corp considers it a possibility. The organization has asked its employees to help them cut company costs by signing up to get laid off.

Virginia-based company, Strategic Resources, Inc. is cutting 207 jobs this month. The company’s contract with Indiana National Guard’s Camp Atterbury ends September 30. Despite attempts to bring more personnel to the post, defense spending cuts have prevented success in this area.

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