LS Technologies is a small, veteran-owned company that provides a full-range of support services to federal government clients, particularly the Federal Aviation Administration.

Maria Muscara, Business Development and Human Resources, LS Technologies, recently sat down with to discuss the company, their vision, and how to begin looking for careers in the federal contracting space.

We’re looking for individuals who will be good liaisons between the company, customer, and our employees, said Muscara. Demand is primarily for engineers with a strong technical background, but LS Technologies is always looking for good program managers, as well.

“The┬áprimary focus of what we’re doing is really to support the client,” said Chico Madera, C3 Program Manager, LS Technologies. “A lot of the functions that we support are IT related.”

When it comes to applying for a position in the federal contracting space, Muscara urged that it’s important to be a savvy consumer.

“We’re all very well of the environment we’re operating in now with limited budgets, and the government cutting funding for certain things,” said Muscara. “What a candidate should do in that situation is really vet the company, and do a lot of research on the company and what contract they’ll be working on, what agency they’ll be serving, and ask the right questions.”

For LS Technologies, a long-term strategy includes diversifying outside of the FAA into other arenas where their expert background in Air Traffic Control services will be useful. That kind of diversification is pivotal in today’s contracting environment.

Other things that make LS Technologies a stand-out – a small business, personal touch attitude that includes personally on-boarding every employee, as well as reaching out periodically to see how they’re doing.

While LS Technologies has offices across the country, they’re quick to point out that they’re accessible to all employees, regardless of location.

“The fact that you can pick up the phone and call one of us and one of us will always answer, or call you back immediately – I think that’s something to be said about the way that we do business,” said Muscara.



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