The candidate screening process is critical. How you prepare for it will make the critical difference in how much time you spend searching for the perfect applicant. When screening security-cleared candidates for your company, obtain key qualifications from the hiring manager up front. Knowing the office dynamic and desired personality characteristics will save time in the screening process. Don’t just look for keywords in a resume or rely on a standard job description. By covering the following topics, you’ll be able to conduct phone interviews more efficiently and uncover qualified security-cleared candidates more quickly for the hiring managers in your company.

Candidate Requirements

  • Education required
  • Level of security clearance required: DOE; C; S; TS; TS/
  • Polygraph requirements
  • Years of experience required
  • Computer and software skills required and level of
  • proficiency
  • Management experience/expertise required
  • Specific work experience: required vs. preferred
  • Strategic thinking skills: ability to focus on details and also
  • see the big picture
  • Communication skills

Job Requirements

  • Permanent position or temporary (and how long)
  • Hours per week (part-time or full-time; overtime requirements)
  • Position’s most critical responsibilities
  • Most difficult aspects of the position
  • Desired personality characteristics
  • Management style of the supervisor(s)
  • Overall pace of work: quick or methodical
  • Amount of interaction with clients (how much and in what types of situations)
  • Salary range/maximum salary
  • Percentage travel required
  • Culture of the group/team

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