Interested in a career as an intelligence analyst? Consider getting the triple threat skill-set – analysis, languages, and information technology.

While military presence overseas may be contracting, demand continues for analysts able to assess international trends. Many positions are located stateside, but overseas contracting opportunities are also available. Veterans can find a career in analysis rewarded, but while military experience is a plus, it’s not a requirement.

What is a requirement? The right combination of analysis skills, foreign language proficiency, and IT prowess. When it comes to listing these things on your resume, be specific, but be honest. If your knowledge of Chinese consists of ordering from a take-out menu, it shouldn’t be listed on your resume. Be sure to outline IT programs you’ve worked with, specifically those related to foreign intelligence collection. If open-source intelligence is your expertise, be specific about your capabilities, rather than simply listing out social networking platforms you use.

A career in intelligence can be rewarding. Tenacity in reaching out for opportunities is key, as well as drilling into the requirements for each position. Intelligence analysis is a broad category, and you’ll need to tailor your resume for each opportunity.

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