Veterans are often the perfect fit for a career in program management. Their military experience directly translates to the pressure of managing government dollars and personnel on the civilian side. Program managers work for both defense contractors, as well as directly for the federal government.

“There are a couple of things that I always like to keep on my radar,” said Maria Muscara, business development and human resources with LS Technologies. “One of them is quality program managers and project managers…it’s great having people with military backgrounds.”

Muscara noted that when she reaches our to veterans on, they’re often more responsive. She can also count on them to have some of the skills she needs for a successful program manager.

“I enjoy working with the team, I enjoy working with the client,” said Chico Madera, C-3 Program Manager with LS Technologies. Madera manages the nine or ten projects that operate under the C-3 contract. “My role is more taking care of people, and I really enjoy that aspect of the job.”

Madera emphasized that when he speaks with veterans, he encourages them that they are program managers already. When contractors or government agencies are looking for personnel with those skill-sets, they should be looking to veterans.



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