We’ve made uploading a profile even easier. Simply email your profile photo to photos@clearancejobs.com, and we’ll resize and post it for you! (Make sure to include your full name or that you send the photo from the same email account you used to register).

You know you need an online profile for career networking or recruiting. You also know that as a security-clearance holder or defense industry recruiter, secure networking is important. But when it comes to your online profile on the ClearanceJobs, if you fail to upload a profile photo, you’re missing out on one of the easiest and best ways to brand yourself.

When it comes to what photo to use, keep it professional and semi-business like. But don’t try to look like a stock photo. Head and shoulders shots are best, and it should be a ‘true likeness’ – this is a good time to look authentic, not over-the-top. Here are five very specific reasons why you should upload a profile photo today.

1. Credibility.

For security-clearance holders, in particular, credibility is huge. And nothing offers instant credibility like a face.

2. Personal Branding.

You know your personal brand is important, whether you’re a job seeker or a recruiter. And while your brand is built based on your experience and resume, it’s most easily displayed with an image. Use both your profile photo and cover photo to build upon your personality and interests. A profile photo won’t mask a bad resume, but it will absolutely enhance a good one. Use your profile photo to display you – with a great head-and-shoulders shot. Use your cover photo to display your company or industry.

3. Facial recognition.

And we’re not talking about the kind that Facebook uses to make it easier for friends to tag you in photos. Online networking is important, but so is getting out to career events. If you don’t have a profile photo, you’re missing a chance for a recruiter or high-target job seeker to recognize you. And that makes a good case for a profile photo that’s actually recognizable. While you can display your personality, be recognizable.

4. To complete the hiring picture.

An authentic photo that displays your personality reveals that you’re an actual person and adds authority to everything you say. Because online profile photos are often associated with comments you make online, they follow you. Photos matter to job seekers considering a company and they matter to recruiters considering a hire.

5. Because on ClearanceJobs, your photo is secure.

While less of a concern for recruiters, cleared job seekers are often concerned about their personal details being available online. Because ClearanceJobs.com doesn’t share your information with search engines, you don’t need to worry about your profile photo suddenly showing up on Google images. Once you’ve uploaded your profile photo, go a step further and upload a cover photo – it builds your personal brand and adds personality.

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