When you’re searching for jobs, it’s easy to focus only on the position – is the job description a good fit? Does it meet your qualifications? But when it comes to making a career transition, it’s company culture that really makes the difference. And while it’s easy to think of the defense contracting and government space as pretty germaine – a SCIF is no Google, after all – you can still find a variety of government contracting positions that offer quality of life as well as a quality job.

Barbaricum is a small defense contracting company that is building for the future with quality people.

“I trust every person that I work with – I trust them not only to do their job, and to do them as consummate professionals, but to support me when it may be required,” said Noah Albro, creative manager at Barbaricum.

Barbaricum built its new office with every employee in mind. When the company moved into a new office building, they crowd-sourced the office design with employees first. This model of involving employees at every level in the decision-making process is a part of what makes their company culture unique. Another feature that makes them unique in their industry is their loft-like office space, including many design elements that came directly from employee input. The open-concept office space reflects the team-based way they do business.

“I can turn around, quite literally, in my chair and communicate with the person behind me,” said Albo.

At Barbaricum they say that company culture is built by the people they hire. Because each hire is highly valued, those hires are also invested in.

“I was given the opportunity to get my master’s degree in design management,” said Albro. “I don’t know of too many small firms who can say the same thing, but all of the partners here are committed to the talent at their organization, to growing that talent, and to give it opportunities.”


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