Outside the rare and usually controversial news stories, it’s rare that we get a glimpse inside the inner workings of the intelligence community. One event that provides this view is the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA)’s Annual Achievements Awards on November 13, 2014. INSA’s six award recipients are recognized for being rising leaders of the intelligence and national security community.

The event is a great opportunity to see some of the achievements made by the intelligence community and put a “real face” on the intelligence community beyond the leadership that we see in the news. Lt. Gen. Mary Legere will deliver the keynote, discussing the intelligence workforce. Lt. Gen. Legere’s perspective as a female in the military and intelligence community leadership could be especially motivating to females in the cleared community. Lt. Gen. Legere’s years of experience, including eighteen months as the Senior Intelligence Officer in Iraq in 2008-09, and her interest in developing the next generation of IC leaders make her a great keynote choice.

Award recipient backgrounds and current positions are diverse; however, all recipients are unified in the mission and their contributions and dedication to advancing IC operations. Award selection criteria focuses on the recipient’s overall performance, leadership, mission accomplishment, emerging professional standing, and influence.

“The INSA Achievement Awards offer a unique distinction by recognizing outstanding members of the intelligence and national security workforce who have much of their careers still ahead of them. It is our pleasure to honor this group of future leaders and mentors. We hope the award recipients and their friends, family and colleagues enjoy what has become a signature INSA event,” said INSA President Ambassador Joseph R. DeTrani.

Here are a few examples of the people and work being recognized:

SSA Amy Pitman received the Joan A Dempsey Mentorship Award for her work as an interrogator for the FBI. The intelligence reports produced and disseminated under SSA Pitman’s leadership included some of the top analysis within the IC. SSA Pitman’s commitment to the mission is evidenced in the mentorship and guidance she gives to junior agents.

David Wilson, Richard J. Kerr Government Award recipient, is being recognized for the software he developed with the National Security Agency (NSA). Wilson’s data expertise has played a valuable role in furthering mission analytic capabilities, which are of growing importance as the volume of intelligence grows, as well as the need for smart tools to manage the IC’s big data problem.

Lt. William Fox received the William O. Studeman Military Award for his intelligence analysis contributions to warfighters and key decision makers. The insight and clarity that Lt. William Fox provided to the U.S. Navy and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) prompted leaders to address vulnerabilities and ensure better protection against future threats. As a junior Naval Intelligence Officer, Lt. Fox has had the opportunity to personally brief the Director of National Intelligence, which is a testament to the effect Lt. Fox has in the IC.

The 2014 INSA Achievement Awards are a great reminder of the great work that is being done in the IC and the people responsible for protecting our country. The award recipients are an example of what can happen when hard work, innovation, and dedication to mission come together. Registration closes November 6.



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