You can negotiate with insurgents and counsel young soldiers, but if you’re a service member there may be no more intimidating conversation than one with a recruiter or interviewer. We asked recruiters, and these are their tips for things you should NEVER say.

We live in a social media world, but recruiters say oversharing is often one of their greatest pet peeves. Don’t discuss girlfriends, boyfriends or relationships during an interview. And never ask a recruiter if he or she is single.

Many cleared professionals live in the politically-driven Washington, D.C.-metro, but that doesn’t mean politics should enter into the conversation with a recruiter. Avoid talking about political parties and political issues. That includes any criticism of the current or former President.

Finally, show some discretion with your personal information. Recruiters don’t know a lot about Operations Security, but they know enough to be leery about you sharing sensitive details. This includes national security issues, but also information about a previous employer that could be considered proprietary. If you’re willing to share your old employer’s trade secrets in an interview, your loose lips might follow you to your next job – and that’s not going to make a recruiter happy.

It’s good to create a friendly rapport with recruiters and hiring managers – that’s what networking is all about – but you also want to keep in mind that these relationships are professional. Avoid oversharing and negativity, and you might forge a relationship that will pay off with a job offer.

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