They might be secretive, but secret squirrels – those high-level defense industry professionals working across the federal government – leave a few hints of their true identity. We’ve cracked the nut – so to speak – on how to spot a secret squirrel’s resume.

1. Using an Alias as a name.

Bonus points if this also applies to all social media accounts – you can never be too careful, after all.

2. Instead of listing a phone number, writes – ‘don’t call me, I’ll call you.’

My guess is, it’s not working.

3. Takes classification seriously.

So seriously he has ‘FOUO’ printed on the top and bottom of the resume.

4. The skills section.

Forget MS Word and PowerPoint. A secret squirrel includes marksmanship scores, evasive driving skills and the number of parachute jumps out of a plane.

5. Redacted statements

The final way you can spot a secret squirrel by his or her resume? Nearly all relevant skills and accomplishments have been redacted.

Does any of this sound familiar? As you can probably tell, being a secret squirrel may be great on the job – but when it comes to writing a resume, you don’t want to follow any of these tips. Make sure your name is clearly written, spelled correctly, and includes accurate contact information. Don’t list an email account you only check once-a-month. Avoid acronyms, and only list relevant skills – but go ahead and leave the sky-diving on there –  it will be a good conversation starter.

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