Do you know who the issuing agency is for your security clearance? If you’re searching for a cleared job, companies care who the issuing agency is. While clearance reciprocity has always been a topic of reform efforts, it’s still faster for a company looking to staff a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contract to be able to find DHS-cleared professionals.

Some of the most in-demand candidates are those with a DHS clearance. Companies like Dynamis, Visionary Integration Professionals, CMCI and TASC are searching for DHS-cleared candidates right now, but they won’t find you if you haven’t listed DHS as the issuing agency of your security clearance.

How do you list your issuing agency?

If you want companies to find you – and hire you – for great career opportunities, you need to list more than your skills. For a quicker time-to-hire in 2015, already cleared candidates are in-demand. They’re looking for cleared professional on sites like At the top left-hand side of your Cleared Network profile, you’ll see the spot to list your clearance details, including issuing agencies. Because Department of Homeland Security clearances are so in-demand today, you can list your clearance level as ‘Dept of Homeland Security.’ If you have a DHS security clearance and are currently searching for positions, we encourage you to change your clearance level to ‘Dept of Homeland Security’ to put your profile at the top of search results for government contractors looking for your DHS experience!


Can’t remember who issued your security clearance? It’s generally as simple as remembering what your first cleared job was. While 80 percent of all clearances are issued by the Department of Defense, an issuing agency could also be the Department of Justice, an intelligence agency, or another government department.

It’s typical for cleared contractors – specifically those with several years of work under their belts – to have clearances issued by multiple agencies. Indicate all clearances, levels, and issuing agencies in your ‘Clearance Notes’ section on your Cleared Network profile.


Don’t miss out on great security clearance careers by failing to list your issuing agency.

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