The Office of Personnel Management’s eQIP system for electronic processing of security clearance applications is back online, just less than a month after the agency announced it would take the system down for 4-6 weeks to address security vulnerabilities.

“Based on the security enhancements and the extensive testing that has been completed, OPM is re-enabling access to e-QIP with confidence in the security of the system,” OPM Press Secretary Sam Schumach said.

The system is being phased back into use, however. New security clearance applications are not yet being accepted into the system. OPM will first begin addressing security clearance applicants who had already begun entering their information into the system. They’ve not stated when the system will be available to all users.

OPM shut down eQIP shortly after announcing the personal information of more than 20 million individuals was compromised in a breach of OPM’s network. That data included background investigations, investigation notes, and the fingerprints of millions of cleared professionals. OPM stated the suspension of eQIP was not related to the breach and that while a vulnerability was identified, the system had not been compromised. In addition to fixing the security flaw, OPM added additional password protocols to increase the security of the system.

While the system was down, OPM implemented paper processing of security clearance applications, but that option was only available for secret investigations, not top secret.

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