Got mad computer skills but no paper? Want to get into the booming IT industry? If you are a transitioning Servicemember or Veteran, the Veterans Administration is experimenting with a program that just might help you achieve your goals. The first participants in VA-sponsored accelerated learning programs have been selected.

What is an accelerated learning program?

An ALP is a short course, not a degree program. It is designed to provide participants with skills or IT certification with just a few months of training. There is no cost to the participant and the program does NOT use your Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits.

What courses are in the pilot program?

  • Coding/Programming Boot Camps;
  • 80+ IT Certifications in Hardware, Software, Networking, Web Services, and more;
  • Network Support Engineer Job Training and Certification;
  • Cybersecurity Training and Certification;
  • IT Help Desk Job Training; and
  • IT Boot Camps for Desktop Support and Windows Expertise.

The courses have been made available throughout the country and online. Upon completion, the participants will also have access to free job referral and support services.

Learning Hubs

The VA plans to open 27 learning hubs across the nation this year. These sites will utilize both online and in-person course work. Along with the opportunity to hear from subject matter experts and to network, a successful completion will earn one free verified certificate. The hubs were selected for areas that offer the greatest opportunities for veterans in the IT field. They are being developed in partnership with the American Red Cross, The Mission Continues and Coursera.

Transitioning Servicemembers or Veterans of any era with questions about ALPs, Learning Hubs and other VA training initiatives should contact

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