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Malware for Mac Attacks Defense Industry

Charles Simmins / Feb 16, 2017

The cyber attack appears to have origins in Iran, and unlike many cyber threats, this malware attack targets MAC operating systems.

‘Amazon for the Battlefield’ – Quadcopter Prototype Hits APG Laboratory

Charles Simmins / Feb 8, 2017

The many uses of unmanned aerial vehicles are still being explored. The latest prototype looks to take supply missions and turn them over to drones.

DoD Hiring Freeze Details Outlined in New Memo

Charles Simmins / Feb 3, 2017

The Pentagon outlines its exemptions to the federal hiring freeze. Exempted positions may cover a wide range of positions, from child care to cybersecurity.

Information Security Employment at a Record High

Charles Simmins / Jan 28, 2017

The sky is the limit when it comes to an information security career. And an increasing number of IT professionals are making a switch.

How the Secret Service Prepares for the Presidential Inauguration

Charles Simmins / Jan 15, 2017

A presidential inauguration means one thing for the Secret Service – the need for more inter-agency and department cooperation than ever before.