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IRS Data Breach Impacts FAFSA Applicants

Charles Simmins / Apr 11, 2017

The IRS announced this past week that up to 100,000 accounts in the FAFSA system have been compromised.

How Many Defense Contractors Are There?

Charles Simmins / Apr 4, 2017

A variety of defense contractors work to provide goods and services to the federal government. Here’s a breakdown of who’s doing the work, where.

Navy Looks for SkyNet

Charles Simmins / Apr 1, 2017

The Navy’s latest Massive Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet explores machine learning. Are you the next John Conner?

Free Online Cybersecurity Training Courses

Charles Simmins / Mar 23, 2017

Interested in a cybersecurity career but not interested in making a major investment? Learn more about free online training courses that can give you an introduction to the career.

SF86, Personal Data for Air Force Members Left Unprotected – A Lesson in Email Security

Charles Simmins / Mar 17, 2017

The exposure of Air Force documents left unprotected raises new issues about email security and the importance of safeguarding sensitive, not just classified information.