Ride sharing services continue to grow in popularity year over year. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, hopping into a rideshare like Uber or Lyft can make arriving in a new destination easier. And for many people, ride shares aren’t just convenient – they’re a helpful side hustle to earn a bit of extra cash during college or even your morning commute.

But if you have a security clearance, could that Uber or Lyft experience create unexpected issues?


A ClearanceJobs reader asked if driving Uber or Lyft could impact their clearance eligibility, and specifically when it comes to shady characters or foreign nationals who might hop into the backseat. The short answer is that the people you encounter on a rideshare app are not reportable, and while current security clearance holders should support things they find shady from a counterintelligence perspective, the app itself creates a useful separation between your personal information and the person who you drive.

Driving a rideshare for extra income isn’t a security concern. Where it could be an issue is if you fail to report the income or list the employment. While it’s a side hustle, if you’re generating income you need to make sure to report that for tax purposes, and also indicate it as outside employment for your current job.

The other consideration for clearance holders? Be careful what you say when you hop into the back of a rideshare. Uber or Lyft drivers have no vows of secrecy when it comes to what you say in the back of a car. Don’t consider a car a private location, and don’t discuss classified, sensitive, or proprietary company information while driving in the back of a car.

Rideshare apps can be a convenient and safe way to get around, whether for work, or while having fun over a holiday weekend. Whether driving for extra cash or riding for convenience, just make sure you’re staying safe and aware.

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