The White House is considering allowing American military contractors to travel and work in Ukraine to maintain U.S.-provided weapons systems, such as Lockheed Martin F-16s, expected to arrive soon. This potential policy shift follows increased authorization for Ukraine to use U.S. weapons against Russia. While no decision has been finalized, this would mark the first time U.S. contractors work inside Ukraine since the 2022 Russian invasion. The Administration maintains that U.S. troops will not be sent to fight in Ukraine.

Layoffs: BeReal

My teenagers love the new social media app, BeReal. I have been watching this app closely – not just to keep my teens safe but also to see how in the world they plan on making money. No ads? No revenue. Sure enough, just weeks after its acquisition by Voodoo, BeReal has laid off 28 staff members, including iOS and Android engineers, backend engineers, QA, and marketing personnel. Despite the layoffs, BeReal COO Romain Salzman praised the team’s efforts in scaling the platform from 200,000 to 25 million daily active users in just 18 months. Voodoo plans to invest further in BeReal, aiming to innovate and refocus on growth through both organic and paid marketing. For anyone else like me wondering if their Gen Z kid will remain on the tool, watch out for more ads or revenue-driving changes.

Hiring: DHS

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is hosting its largest annual in-person career expo in Chantilly, VA, aiming to fill hundreds of positions. The event offers attendees the chance to meet recruiters, get interviewed, and possibly receive job offers on the spot. The DHS seeks to expedite the hiring process, cutting six to eight weeks off the usual timeline. With over 10,000 registrants, the expo will also focus on recruiting more women in law enforcement and prioritizing cybersecurity and AI roles.

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Opportunity to Watch

The U.S. Army has selected BlueHalo as one of two vendors to develop the Next-Generation Counter-Uncrewed Aerial System (C-UAS) Missile. Leveraging its expertise in C-UAS technology, BlueHalo aims to expand its defense solutions with a long-range missile to address the rapidly evolving drone threat.

“As we’ve seen in Ukraine, Jordan, Israel, and the Red Sea, drone attacks are increasing in number, sophistication, speed, and size–representing the fastest evolving threat vector of the modern era,” said Jonathan Moneymaker, BlueHalo Chief Executive Officer. “Adding the increased range, reduced time-to-target, and rapid launch capabilities of our technically superior NGCM to BlueHalo’s operational, industry-defining RF and directed energy C-UAS solutions gives unmatched, layered protection to our warfighters, allies, and assets. We are honored to work alongside AMTC to expand our nation’s kinetic C-UAS capabilities and continue BlueHalo’s legacy of delivering next-generation defense technology into the hands of the warfighter.”

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