In the wake of the Office of Personnel’s massive data break, the National Counterintelligence and Security Center released video series encouraging security clearance holders and government employees to be cautious about what they share online.

This week, they released the third of the five-part video series in the “Know the Risk – Raise Your Shield” campaign. The latest video focuses on human targeting, and is meant to highlight how anyone can be a target – even those who think they don’t have access to secrets worth caring about. The video points to how unclassified information can be used by foreign intelligence assets.

“You don’t have to work for the CIA or have access to the most prized information for you to be a target,” said Bill Evanina, Director of NCSC. “Oftentimes they go for people with access to information that is more germane to their nation’s needs.”

OPM Breach = Heightened Awareness

The reminder comes as many security clearance holders are living with heightened awareness of their status as intelligence targets. OPM, after all, just notified nearly 20 million security clearance holders, applicants and others listed on security clearance background investigations that their data was breached. As far as data theft goes, the loss was significant – including more than 4 million fingerprints and an entire treasure trove of personal data from date of birth to mental health counseling.

China is accused of the crime, and while it’s most likely the country will keep the data for their own purposes (for at least the time being), there’s no doubt that many clearance holders wonder if their data could someday end up on the dark web. It’s a good time to consider all of your activity online, and how you can take steps to keep your personal data from being used against you by spear phishers.

Video: Know the Risk – Human Targeting

Poster: Human Targeting

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