In today’s hiring market, successful recruiters adopted the ‘active’ approach to build a robust talent network.  The days of passive recruiting, which consisted of posting a job then waiting for candidates to apply, are long gone.

So how do you go about building this powerful network?  Keep these few key concepts in mind and integrate them into your daily routine to help build your talent network.

Every person is a conduit to ten more professionals such as themselves.

  • Leverage your current talent pool to reach their network which, in turn, will build your branding. Ask for referrals.
  • Offer incentives to your candidates to encourage them to refer talent to your company, such as an external referral program. Work with your company to develop a procedure to compensate your network for referral resumes.
  • Connect where it counts. Ensure your contacts have a mutually beneficial relationship with you. Stay relevant, connect wisely, and share appropriately with your audience.

Every “not a fit candidate” can still be your best resource

  • Invest more than just your time. You’ve given this person your pitch, the details of this amazing opportunity, and sold them on the job. But they aren’t a fit in the end. Don’t let your time spent “selling” be in vain. Work their references, ask for referrals, and stay in touch!
  • Keep in touch with those that provided good interviews even if they weren’t selected for a position. They have invested just as much time as you. They have the potential become your best voice to their network. I like to say the candidate is interviewing us just as much as we are interviewing them.
  • Always provide constructive and clear feedback. These candidates become your voice to their network; honesty and communication go a long way. They may not be a fit now, but could always be a fit in the future.

Use your Resources!

  • Go beyond your general job boards for posting. Use specialized network sites, like the ClearanceJobs Cleared Network. Leverage the focused groups to target your preferred candidates.
  • Don’t simply post a job, dig deeper to share with a targeted audience. Target your focused group based on demographics and skill sets. Groups such as ‘Will Relo Northeast’ provide over 3,000 members who share a common desired location.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact. Email is nice. It documents day, time, and exact content. However, it’s very impersonal and easy to delete or overlook. Pick up the phone and use the contact info provided; even if it’s an instant message. Express your desire to share how amazing your opportunities are with the candidate though every mean possible.  Text messages are simple, quick, and open the door to allow both parties more lines of communication.
  • Think outside the recruiter box. My favorite trick is to leverage multiple resources at once. Work them against each other to find that secret squirrel candidate. Especially with those anonymous resumes. Decode them to find your candidate by using every recruiter tool; internet, job boards, and simple search strings to obtain their contact info.

‘Active’ recruiting is very important in today’s hiring market to maximize your time and resources. It paves the way for growing your network and branding. Stay relevant, keep in contact, and connect wisely.

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Maria Whitney is a Senior Recruiter at Smartronix. She's been in the HR industry for 13 years; focused on recruiting for over 11 years. Her experience ranges from private sector Engineering, Banking and Cleared Intelligence, to Cleared IT. Visit her on the Cleared Network.